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In Japan, there are more and more connections between eroticism and virtual reality. Just take a look at the country’s very prolific porn industry and you can measure the importance of imagination in their sexuality. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Love Doll phenomenon.

In Japan, X-films are mainly cartoons, animated movies and manga called Ecchi for connoisseurs or more generally Hentaï. Anecdotally, Hentaï is a Japanese word which means “transformation”, “metamorphosis” or “perversion” but which is used to designate pornographic manga and anime in Europe.

Coming back to Japan, today, a quarter of the Japanese population refuse any idea of romantic relationships with their ups and down in real life. This population prefers to take pleasure and satisfaction in virtual satisfaction. This mixed genre explains, to a great extent, the success of Love Dolls in Japan.

The origin of Japanese Love Dolls

In the 1930s Japan discovered its first sexual robots. First, simply a woman made of fabric, these first creations accompanied the sub-marine sailors in service. Since then, the evolution of Love Dolls has been spectacular. Just take a look at some of the photos with this article to measure the high level of realism and the esthetics of these marvelous creatures.

Made in silicone or in TPE and fitted with an articulated metal skeleton, the Love Doll is so realistic in appearance, to touch and feel that she becomes a genuine substitute partner in the eyes of some owners.

In 2017, Japan was literally crazy about these life-size dolls. There is even a TV series about them. The Japanese see them a lot more than just a sex object. In their eyes, the Love Doll is a love doll with a soul that is crying out to be adopted for a relationship involving pleasure, tenderness and sharing.

So it is not surprising that the Japanese Love Doll industry is so flourishing in the country of the Rising Sun. Today, manufacturers offer personalized products with the possibility of customizing your Love Doll in the image of your own fantasies: choices of face, eye color, hairstyle and tattoos…It’s impossible not to find the woman of your dreams with so many options offered, faces and body shapes which cover absolutely all of beauty standards.  

The current tendency is to want to give them behavior, intelligence and independence. We will therefore be following this evolution with interest and the public’s reaction. Love Dolls may become sex robots in the years to come. Wait and see…

Japanese love doll

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Premium Love Dolls are also coming to United States, Canada...

Our western culture makes Japanese culture and the social phenomenon of the Love Doll so difficult to understand. On our side of the globe, an inanimate object is obviously without a soul. But even so, the hyper realistic Sex Doll market truly exists in U.S. and Canada, Europe today. Here are some keys to understand it…

Premium Love Dolls are trendy !

A Love Doll is first of all a hyper sexy realistic manikin. The beauty of Premium Love Dolls no longer needs to be proved (ed: that depends on taste too, there are enough for all tastes). Manufactured carefully down to the finest details and with a very high level of realism, Love Dolls can represent:

  • A muse for artists lacking inspiration (photographers, painters, sculptors…)
  • A sexy model for catalogues or lingerie stores
  • A work of art or a trendy sexy decoration object in night-clubs, bars or at home

Even if sexual intercourse is obviously not out of the question here, it is not so compulsory. In this type of use, it is not question of a sexual use but more of having a presence, to be dressed as desired and taken care of. The relationship with a Love Doll is different.

But it’s also a Premium Sex Doll

Of course, the Love Doll may also be seen as a luxury sex toy. In this case, the Love Doll is obviously appreciated as much for her esthetics as for her availability at any time of the day or night for making love.

A Love Doll can satisfy a sexual need or, in any case, be a temporary solution. Adultery, a relationship with a sex-friend, use of prostitution… are other solutions which may complete an unsatisfactory sex life. The only problem is that these solutions do not necessarily correspond to morally acceptable values in our society (ed: I won’t start a debate on whether they are good or not…).

Available at all hours, the Love Doll is an alternative for satisfying the sexual desires of a man (or a woman). Love Dolls can also help you to live out your fantasies and are a way of correcting a slow sex drive after a health issue, a difficult break-up, a painful experience...

Note : Love Dolls are complex objects who can play multiple roles in the life of an individual, from a virtual non sexual companion to, of course, a totally sexually-assumed object.