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Create Your Own DOLL HOUSE 168

Erotic dolls from Doll House 168 combine technicity and beauty. The Doll House 168 manufacturer has been developing their expertise in love doll design since 2015. The designs of the molds, their prototypes, faces and styles are done with a high level of expertise. Doll House 168 does not hesitate, on a daily basis, to improve their TPE formula, the ergonomics and solidity of their articulated metal skeleton, the realism of the model’s postures but also the range of options on offer. Examples of their recent innovations, a 4ft 7 (145cm) EVO body offers the brand’s own characteristics: a connector for quick installation of faces, a super ultra-soft realistic TPE, an intact hymen (on option) and a skeleton enabling a greater possibility of lascivious poses. Gentle, submissive, always ready for sex, the fantasy of the erotic real doll from Doll House 168 is about to come true and become part of your daily life.

Create Your Own DOLL HOUSE 168

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About Doll House 168

For many years, the manufacturer Doll House 168 focused their business on the Chinese and Japanese market. In 2015, Doll House 168 decided to take a new step and export its real dolls all over the world. Their experience and know-how enabled them make this move smoothly. Every month, Doll House 168 give birth to hundreds of sex dolls for customers located in the USA, Europe and Asia. Giving birth to the goddess of your fantasies is child's play: many customization options give you complete creative freedom.

Doll House 168 has their own genuine signature, their own style and a level of aesthetics and quality recognized by the Doll Forum community. Many models are largely inspired by manga creatures and Anime Sex Dolls. The TPE formula used is soft, textured and supple for true to life sensations.

We are proud to have been working with Doll House 168 since 2016. Their level of expertise and their reactivity make it a very efficient partnership. It is therefore not surprising that the ratings and reviews of our customers concerning Doll House 168 border on excellence. Pleasures of the flesh and of the mind. This is what this manufacturer promises.

How are Doll House 168 love dolls made?

These love dolls with a very realistic physique are fully customizable and are made in TPE. TPE is a flexible material made from a blend derived from silicone. The manufacturing process of the Doll House 168 love doll is complex and represents weeks of work. Inspired by photos, real women or Anime creatures, Doll House 168 sex doll body models are made using a mold sculpted in clay and fiberglass. The TPE is then poured in to coat and shape the shapes, curves and skin of the sex doll. After several hours of waiting and resting, the mold is removed and the fine details are done by hand. Excess material is removed, the skin is treated, smoothed and made up and many other details are provided according to the criteria of the chosen doll. The interchangeable head is molded separately but is designed in exactly the same way. Rest assured, you will not be taking any risks other than that of falling in love.