PIPER DOLL molded in silicone

Looking for a silicone doll ? Why not fall for the charms of a prestigious Piper Doll… We have chosen all the best manufacturers on the market and have, of course, selected the brand PiperDoll as being trustworthy. It should be said that the EVO skeleton, its Gel Breast bust, impeccable finishing and its prestigious silicone make PiperDoll silicone models the number one choice in silicone real dolls. As for the TPE range, Piper Dolls in silicone can be customized according to your desires. You will be able to acquire them in white, pink or tanned skin. This should delight the community of doll owners who want to buy silicone sex dolls to be customized, without breaking the bank.

PIPER DOLL molded in silicone

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Manufacturer Piper Doll now offers magnificent dolls molded in silicone. Very popular in Japan, this brand is also exported very well outside Asia. If you are wondering about the strange similarity between silicone love dolls from Piper Doll, DH168 and Doll 4ever, you are very observant. Indeed, sex dolls from these 3 brands are all produced by the same manufacturer but on 3 different production sites. This explains the customization options shared between the 3 giants.

Silicone dolls with exclusive options

The Piper Doll silicone doll features an exclusive and improved standard skeleton. This articulated metal frame allows the silicone doll to sit with its legs in a W position but also to stand in a squatting position. The positions are therefore unlimited and will suit the most demanding people. The thighs can also bend at a greater angle. The platinum silicone used for molding is one of the best on the market.

What we think about silicone dolls from Piper Doll

With Piper Doll silicone dolls, we particularly appreciate:

  • • the head attached to the body (be careful, no oral sex possible in the silicone version)
  • • Jiggly Gel Breast implants as standard,
  • • the EVO skeleton with multiple realistic positions,
  • • reinforcement options at the wrists and ankles / heels
  • the Standing option without the 3 metal screws being visible under the feet.

We also like the texture of the vaginal cavity. This cavity (like that of the anus) is extra soft. It has been designed and crafted by real doll experts for optimal comfort during penetration. Sexual penetration is just perfect, natural and amazingly realistic. Using a water-based lube is an advantage recommended to reproduce the sexual arousal of a real woman.

Note: Piper Doll love dolls are molded in 1 piece. It will be impossible for you to replace the head: the heads are neither exchangeable nor removable. So you won't be able to consider suspended storage in a cabinet. Buying a flight case storage case, a bench or use of the original package with its protections can help you.

Do you want to filter Piper Dolls by price, size or weight? Good news! Our selection filters will help you narrow down your choice. You cannot find a reference that you spotted on a competitor’s site? Do not hesitate to contact us... We will do our best to offer you the creature of your fantasies.