Dolls from XY Doll replicate the figures and faces of real women. Whether it be their muscles, their curves, breasts or buttocks, a life size reproduction of an XY Doll is close to perfection. A special mention for the faces which are entirely made in high quality silicone able to reproduce all the features and details of an Asian or European woman. Each face is carefully crafted because it is undoubtedly the greatest strength of this manufacturer. Subtle quality make-up will give your model an almost real personality. Half-TPE (for the body molding) half silicone, XY Doll sex dolls are of superior quality, reliable and perfectly adapted for use during long years. Fine art photographers, sculptors and painters are pleasantly surprised by the resemblance of XY Doll models to real female models.


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Why choose silicone to make the faces?

The sex doll brand XY Doll has chosen silicone to mold their faces for several reasons to reproduce precisely:

The texture of human skin (textures, suppleness) and therefore obtain an even greater impression of visual realism and touch sensations. Just take a glance at XY Doll’s photo galleries to understand the hyper realism of their models.

The transplantation of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Generally TPE models only offer a simple outline, a pencil line or collage to reproduce these elements.

The subtle permanent make-up of a real woman when most TPE models just have temporary make-up.

XYDOLL Sex doll video

By viewing the video from the XY Doll brand, you will realize the advantages of silicone for reproducing faces. The impression of realism is quite amazing, don’t you think?

Official XY Doll dealer in United-States, Australia, Canada...

We are happy to say that, since the end of 2019, we have been able to add all the dolls from the XY Doll brand. At present, most of the models are very Asian looking but we know that the manufacturer is currently preparing some great surprises for 2020 with the birth of several European models. We are particularly proud to be able to offer what is best on the real doll market.

This manufacturer is listed amongst the most professional ones on the American love doll forum DollForum. We negotiate the best prices for you and offer all of the customization options (like transplantation of facial hair) and all life size models for our customers’ satisfaction.

By choosing to trust XY Doll and our teams to make your life size doll in both TPE and silicone, you will be sure of acquiring an almost unique love doll with a higher than standard level of quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the XY Doll luxury love doll collection.