Create Your Own SEDOLL love doll

SEDoll is the latest brand of sex dolls on the market. Click on one of this brand’s bodies to customize your model. You can choose from numerous faces and a great selection of options to treat yourself to a unique creation. Manufacturer SE Doll currently has a very good reputation on the love doll market. They are renowned for their experience and know-how which enable them to manufacture high quality TPE love dolls. This manufacturer is currently one of the most proactive ones and every week they offer new faces and bodies. Do not hesitate to come and browse our catalogue regularly, you should find several novelties each week. SE Doll uses the same M16 fastening sleeve as most TPE doll manufacturers. The faces are therefore compatible with most other brands. Contact us for more information.

Create Your Own SEDOLL love doll

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FAQ about SEDoll dolls

How to clean the body of your TPE SEDoll

Warm soapy water is sufficient to clean the skin of your SEDoll model. For drying, a soft, non-rough synthetic cloth will do. We recommend the addition of talc on the skin after cleaning and drying: this will keep the initial freshness of the TPE for many years. Note: fade dyes on clothes can only be removed with the help of a special TPE stain remover.

Can the SEDoll be used doggy-style?

Good news! Yes, your love doll can be used in a doggy style sex position. However, we recommend operating this position only on soft surfaces and not directly on the ground. The knees and elbows are fragile joints, so the supports must be designed accordingly (pillow, mattress, etc.)

How to maintain love doll wigs?

We deal with this subject in our special guide about wigs. Do not hesitate to take a glance

Can make-up be used on a TPE doll?

Yes, make-up is possible and even recommended to assert the personality of your model. Note: realistic TPE SEDoll models are delivered with subtle semi-permanent make-up. Small alterations can enhance and give more character to your model.

Can I trust the SEDoll brand?

Absolutely. This one is referenced as a serious and reputable manufacturer on the American Doll Forum (THE reference for the doll owner community). Each model has an anti-fake code which proves its authenticity.

Is the Sedoll skeleton of good quality?

Here again, the answer is a big YES. The SEDoll articulated metal skeleton is the latest EVO. It is able to simulate all the realistic poses and movements of the human body.

Can I use a gel lube?

This is recommended for realistic sexual penetration. Only water-based lubes can be considered for TPE dolls from SEDoll.

Any tips for storage?

We recommend vertical storage suspended in a cabinet, horizontal storage in its original package or the use of a flight case storage case or a storage bench. Care should be taken to store it out of view, and away from dust and UV rays. It is advisable to ensure that the skin of the SEDOLL sex doll is not over-compressed during short-term storage. We recommend storing it completely naked to avoid any fading of clothing.

How to repair small tears in the TPE?

If the surface of SEDoll real dolls’ skin is scratched or cut, use of a special TPE glue will do the trick. Once glued and dried for half an hour, the TPE will return to its original state. Be sure to clean well before gluing.

What is the lifespan of a SEDoll sex doll?

Sedoll sex dolls can last more than 5 years and up to 10 years, provided you take the greatest care. Sedoll sex dolls which are overused and transported are prone to wear and tear. Do not hesitate to read our maintenance guides for a promised lifespan of several years.