Sex dolls from the WMDOLLS brand are greatly appreciated for their realism, their high level of quality, their esthetics but particularly for the tactile sensations you experience when touching them. Everything is crafted with care and expertize to offer you the perfect replica of a woman with dream proportions. With WMDOLLS, you are able to choose all of the customizable options for your real doll: from the eye, skin and hair color… down to the pedicure. A true asset of elegance which will rock your heart but also your body without moderation. Will you be able to resist their crazy charms? WMDOLLS love doll models are manufactured directly at the WMDOLLS workshops (guarantee of thoroughness and professionalism). Each doll goes through a quality control process to approve the manufacturing quality of WMDOLLS real dolls, before being sent discreetly to your doorstep in the fastest timescale. 100% discreet delivery of our WMDOLLS real dolls.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 446 items

Our opinion about WM love dolls.

As we have had the opportunity to say in our purchasing guide for sex dolls, the WMDoll brand was a pioneer in the sex doll industry. Created 10 years ago, WM workshops make more than 3,000 models every year. We appreciate the quality of their TPE (softness to touch, sturdy, supple…), the robustness of their skeletons (rigid to start then suppler over time…), but also the range of options on offer. Amongst the exclusive options, you will have the possibility of adding a removable tongue to the mouth of every WM doll. We also sell the body warming option for even greater realism. We appreciate the level of detail, the finishing touches and the realism of the molding of the sexual orifices. Undoubtedly these are the best TPE sex dolls on the market today.

WMDoll Video– Quality TPE Sex doll

Here is a video of the WMDolls 5.5ft (166cm) C-Cup realistic doll model. Realism and esthetics can be found.

Customize your WM Sex doll

Thanks to WMDoll adult doll manufacturer, you will be able to customize their dolls according to your own specifications! Many body shapes (from A to K-Cups), many faces (Japanese, Chinese, European, American…) and many skin colors (caucasian, tanned or mulatto) will enable you to give birth to the WM sex doll of your dreams.  

To make up unique model: 

1. Choose the model (size in cm/cup)
2. Choose if you want a removable tongue in her mouth or not (option appreciated by those who love blow jobs).
3. Choose her skin color. 
4. Choose her hairstyle (15 removable wigs on offer).
5. Choose her expression.
7. Choose her manicure/pedicure.
8. Choose the size of her nipples (from 3cm to 5cm)
9. Choose the color of her nipples.
10. Choose the color of her vaginal labia. 
11. Choose the shape of her bikini wax (waxed or not)
12. Choose if you want your WM Doll to be able to stand alone (recommended option)
13. Choose whether you wish to have the sex doll body warming technology
14. Choose whether you wish to transform your WM love doll into a shemale doll (removable penis option possible for any doll with a removable vagina).

WM Doll USA current promotion: Choose a second face for half the price. 

As you may have realized, there are thousands of possibilities for each model. You will therefore be sure of buying an almost unique WM sex doll strictly corresponding to all of your expectations in terms of female or male charms. Several models of male real dolls for women are also offered.