Silicone Sexy Doll : our profession, our experience and our know-how. assists you in finding and acquiring love dolls. We offer a considerable choice of sex dolls, to be customized at the best price and with a guarantee of authenticity. All our real dolls are systematically checked, controlled by a team of qualified sub-contractors or by our own staff. When a hand-made love doll does not reach all the quality levels and requirement criteria, the model is systematically replaced before being sent.

Our motto:
"We wish to offer our clients the best of what we ourselves would like to receive.”

The sex dolls are made one by one according to your criteria and your customization options by the manufacturers of well-known brands: WM DOLL, ORDOLL, YOURDOLL, ZELEX DOLL, STARPERY, GAME LADY, 6YEDoll, CLIMAX DOLL, MAIDEN DOLL, PIPER DOLL, DOLL FOREVER, SMDOLL, JELLYNEW, SEDOLL, HRDoll and more. They are made with the greatest care and sent as quickly as possible in an irreproachable condition.


Certified quality

We guarantee the manufacturing of our models in the workshops of the well-known brands WMDOLLS, , ORDOLL, ZELEX DOLL, STARPERY, GAME LADY, 6YEDoll, CLIMAX DOLL, MAIDEN DOLL, PIPER DOLL, DOLL FOREVER, SMDOLL, JELLYNEW, SEDOLL, HRDoll and more. These brands have been working for more than ten years successfully in manufacturing love dolls for adults. We control their condition, quality and compliance before they are sent to the client.

Expertise and advice

Our team devotes all its expertise, all its know-how, all its assistance and all its time to informing or advising you before, during and after you purchase. Our know-how has increased with time giving us a solid reputation based on the quality of our product range and of our qualified customer service.

THE 8 COMMANDMENTS - Silicone Sexy Doll

1. A quality service

All our sex dolls are checked and controlled before being delivered.

2. A personalized service for each of our clients.

Our customer service accompanies you and advises you. Our after sales service is efficient and available 5/7 to provide you with unlimited free assistance.

3. Our future clients’ sales protection

Purchasing your sex doll via PayPal protects you as a buyer, if the product does not correspond to your purchase or if you do not receive anything. Do not hesitate to read your rights on the PayPal platform.

4. Safe, 100% discrete transactions

All our bank transactions, all our deliveries appear with no reference to the nature of the product. We commit to offering optimal confidentiality and never reveal your personal data to a third party.

5. Guarantee guarantees sex dolls that are authentic and in working-order, with the selected brand names. The guarantee applies in the event of a manufacturing defect. We provide you with a set of instructions for safe use.

6. Negotiated prices

Our privileged relationship with the major brands of love dolls enable us to offer you very competitive prices on the United States and European markets.

7. Serenity commits to monitoring and informing you of your order status in real time. Each stage of manufacturing is thus notified in your client zone and an invoice is available at any time. A tracking ID is sent to you as soon as your order is sent to inform you of the day of delivery of your sex doll. The delivery may be organized on the day of your choice (including Saturday) by contacting our shippers (DHL, FedEx).

8. Our listening skills

Each client being different, we are available by mail, phone or on-line chat to listen to your problems and find the solutions.

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