Elsa Babe is a Japanese silicone doll manufacturer. The faces on the ElsaBabe range are very strongly inspired by Asian, manga or even elf or fantasy style.

Among the distinctive signs of the Elsa Babe brand, you can find:

  • a skin tone available only in its natural version and as presented in the photo gallery;
  • a vagina available only in its fixed / molded version
  • hard silicone faces that do not allow for oral sex (the mouth is very difficult to use sexually)
  • ultra-realistic breasts with the latest Implant Gel Breast innovation (standard for all models)
  • a M16 screw connector compatible with most brands of silicone or TPE love dolls
  • 5 textures and therefore 5 different choices for the vaginal cavity to maximize and multiply your pleasure.

You will appreciate the fine details of ElsaBabe dolls. The video below each Japanese doll will enable you to have a better overview of the result.


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