Those who love Japanese anime figurines, it may be time to move up one level by buying a real Piper Doll love doll. These real silicone sex dolls are manufactured individually and largely inspired by sexy Japanese manga creatures (a very wide range of manga style wigs on offer). They are the life size version of the small anime figurines from Japan. Here, the bodies are molded in TPE and articulated on a sturdy metal skeleton. The great advantage compared to a small statuette is the possibility of sharing a real romantic relationship and sexual intimacy with your favorite model. Each real TPE love doll from Piper Doll has an ultra-realistic vagina, anus and mouth for true to life sexual pleasure. Take the leap into the sex doll experience by choosing a doll from Piper Doll! You will be literally bluffed by their charisma, power of seduction and willingness to satisfy you sexually 24/7. Piper Doll models are also greatly appreciated by collectors who are into sexy photography. Delivered within two weeks.


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Our feedback concerning the Piper Doll brand

Piper Doll is a luxury doll brand supplied by the manufacturer Doll Forever (or Doll 4ever). At Piper Doll you will find all the know-how and professionalism of Doll Forever real dolls.

A distinctive feature of the Piper Doll brand: there is no connector between the head and the body for all the range. Therefore it is impossible to replace or remove the body from the head on TPE Piper Doll models. This makes the experience even more authentic and true to life. The artists and technicians at Piper Doll sculpt and mold each sex doll by hand for a luxury product.

Good to know about Piper Doll: 

The 4.3ft (130cm) model is one of the best sellers in the TPE real doll industry (sold in our mini TPE doll section). The weight/size ratio of all of the Piper Doll collection is one of the best on the market.

Piper Doll TPE skin is renowned for its good quality, ultra-softness and it is odorless. The articulated metal skeleton with a crouching position makes it possible to display your real love doll in a standing and squatting position. By choosing this last generation skeleton, you will be able to envisage many sexual positions without difficulty.

Remark: Piper Doll TPE skin is easy to clean with warm water and gentle soap. Many wigs are available to give your real doll different personalities and styles.

Piper Doll Video: the life size sex doll of the future

All the beauty and femininity of Piper Doll models is summed up in this video.  

Official distributor of the Piper Doll brand.

We are an official distributor for the authentic Piper Doll brand. When purchasing your doll in our real doll store, you will have the guarantee that you are acquiring a unique high quality model which complies to all your expectations. We begin processing all our orders after payment (PayPal, check, bank transfer, credit card). The real love doll will be shipped to you within 15 days after quality control. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.