Perfectly adapted for those who love hyper-realistic dolls and who want to devote a small budget to their passion, TPE dolls from Cosdoll with articulated metal skeletons are manufactured individually on order according to your wishes. By putting your trust in this hyper-realistic TPE doll manufacturer, you will be choosing a model with a very satisfactory level of manufacturing and fine details. We advise you to purchase a bottle of glue and a special TPE stain remover when purchasing your Cosdoll sex doll. Delivered within 15 days in a discreet package.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 35 items

Kiss and touch a Cosdoll love doll for the first time.

Sex dolls from Cosdoll are designed to replicate exactly the softness and feel of human skin. Cosdoll dolls are soft and very realistic. The features of their face, figure, and curves are molded from the body of a real woman. Whether you love women with large breasts, large buttocks or you prefer the charms of a good-looking man, the Cosdoll brand will have something to offer you. Kissing a sexy Cosdoll model may feel very real! The touch sensations between your mouth, your tongue and the lips of your life size doll are truly impressive. The breasts of a sex doll from Cosdoll are soft, round and highly compressible. Sensations when caressing them are also appreciated by the doll owner community.

Vaginal sex with your Cosdoll sex doll.

Female dolls from Cosdoll are equipped with an entirely functional vagina (removable or permanent). The vaginal depth is written on the feature sheet of each doll. Make sure to choose a doll which corresponds to the size of your penis. TPE from Cosdoll is supple and flexible. Using a water-based lube and a condom will make vaginal penetration easier. Vaginas from the Cosdoll brand are designed for you to immerge in true to life sexual pleasure. Whether you prefer the missionary position or doggy-style, you will rediscover the soft sensations of the flesh that you have already experienced with your favorite sex partner.

Anal sex with your sex doll.

The pleasures of anal sex and sodomy make a lot of men fantasize. Not always easy to find a consenting sex partner for this type of practice… But fortunately we have good news! The sex doll from Cosdoll will let you envisage anal penetration with no taboos. The technicians from the Cosdoll brand have worked very hard to design models able to offer the most realistic sexual experience. The anus of Cosdoll sex dolls is renowned to be extremely tight.

Oral sex with your adult doll from Cosdoll.

In the same way as anal and vaginal sex, fellatio is part of the Kamasutra. With the help of a water-based lube, the sensations of oral penetration are so exquisite and thrilling that you will be going back for more.