Create Your Own AFDoll (aka AIFEI DOLLS)

Do you want to design a sex doll using your imagination? Good news! The AF Doll (aka AIFEI Dolls) brand invites you to make your sex doll from scratch. Thanks to a great amount of options, giving birth to the doll of your dreams has never been easier or more fun. At AFDoll you will find many styles of bodies and faces. Whether you prefer large hips, slender figures, natural or sophisticated beauty, it is difficult to resist for long when browsing the photo galleries with AF Doll sex dolls.

Create Your Own AFDoll (aka AIFEI DOLLS)

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

Some details concerning AFDoll

AFDoll (aka AIFEI Doll) is a brand which makes high quality realistic love dolls at an affordable price. The price range of the collection is between $1,200 and $1,800 for bodies measuring from 4.6ft (140cm) to 5.6ft (170cm) and more. Launched in 2011, AFDoll is a Chinese manufacturer which aims to satisfy quality love doll fans who do not wish to overspend. The majority of their sex doll models are fully molded in TPE, but some hybrid exceptions propose the addition of a silicone face. Although they are affordable in terms of price, AFDoll real dolls are made with very good quality TPE which is flexible, elastic, soft and has a remarkable texture. When massaging the skin of a sexy AFDoll model, it will feel like real human skin.

The TPE is easy to clean and maintain. It should be repaired immediately if there is the slightest tear. The use of a special TPE glue sold in our love doll store will do the job. The same applies to stains from clothes; these must be treated very quickly thanks to a special TPE stain remover. These two events are unfortunately part of everyday life for real doll fans. Fortunately, nothing is irreversible and repairs, cleaning and maintenance is easy. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance or have any questions on these matters.

To get back to the features of AFDoll love dolls, they are all equipped a metal skeleton capable of simulating the movements of a human being. This robust innovative skeleton makes any sexual position possible. The realism of their poses is remarkably true to life. The joints of the AFDoll skeleton are welded thoroughly and consistently for long-lasting use. The quality of the TPE and the AIFEI DOLL skeleton match perfectly for optimal adherence and minimal risk of tearing.

Female doll bodies customized to suit your wishes

Below you will find the list of all the bodies in the AFDoll sex doll range. These bodies are presented in the TPE AFDoll love doll section of our store. Do not hesitate to browse the store to have an idea about the different possibilities and the beauty of their creations. Male love dolls and transgender dolls are also available. You can choose a removable penis to put into the vagina of your sex doll to transform your female replica into a transsexual model. Awesome, isn't it?

Once you have targeted the doll’s body, it is up to you to choose:

  • • a face from among fifty in the selection
  • • the eye color
  • • the color and type of hairstyle
  • • the skin tone from lightest to darkest

Other customizable elements such as a reinforced skeleton at the ankles, Gel Implant breasts, or pubic hair options will complete the configuration of your model.

Discreet shipping

Because we make it a point of honor to guarantee confidentiality and discretion, we check every package carefully before shipping. We ensure that there are no details, marking or labels which could make the contents of the package obvious. Rest assured, we treat all our orders with strict respect for privacy. Sex dolls are shipped in a reinforced, made-to-measure package which is 100% discreet. You can sleep peacefully during the whole process of manufacturing and shipping; we take care of all the administrative and customs procedures. The only thing you will have to do is to be present on the day it arrives for a moment of celebration and guaranteed pleasure.