Create Your Own HRDOLL love doll

HRDoll workshops offer you a very wide range of customizable love doll bodies and a great range of faces. If you wish to have the same model as those presented in the photo gallery, let us know by email after ordering. We will then ask the HRDoll manufacturer to make the doll as represented in the photo gallery. Discreet delivery within 15 days.

Create Your Own HRDOLL love doll

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Maintaining the skin of a HRDoll sex doll.

To make love dolls as realistic as possible for many years to come, we advise our clients to clean the body and face of their beauty queens regularly. Washing the body is very easy. We recommend that you use a gentle anti-bacterial soap with warm water.
To make sure that the body is dry, you can leave your sex doll to dry naturally or tap it gently with a towel. This type of maintenance is recommended at least once a month.

You should avoid using a rugged cloth, an abrasive sponge or a hairdryer to dry the skin of you sexy HRDoll. It is also recommended not to rub it when dry.

Once the drying stage is over, we recommend that you apply some talcum powder, baby powder or corn starch on the skin of your HRDoll love doll. These accessories have only one objective: to make the skin of your life size HRDoll model soft, smooth and fresh.

The oral, vaginal and anal cavities must be washed after each sexual penetration. To save time you can use a damp wipe. You just have to wipe the inside of each orifice. Ideally, you should buy a douche to clean the inside by spraying soapy water inside the vagina, the mouth or the anus of your adult sex doll. Make sure you dry these orifices well for impeccable hygiene. To wash the vagina and anus of your HRDoll love doll efficiently, you can use a soft loofah on a stick.

Take care: Never put the head of your HRDoll love doll under water. If you do, you will have great difficulties removing the stagnant water from inside.

Remark: You can perfume your realistic HRDoll sex doll if you do not use an alcohol-based perfume (to avoid stains). To put perfume on your sex doll’s skin safely, you can spray her clothes (or the bed linen) taking care that they are dry before putting the TPE in contact with them.