A real doll model from AIBEI Dolls is: your confidant, your friend, your girlfriend, your mistress, your sex partner, your companion, your passion, your wife, your sex object, your thing. You will have realized by this that AIBEI Dolls sex dolls have virtues that go far beyond those of a luxury sex toy. Sex dolls from AIBEI Dolls are marvelous both from an esthetic and realistic point of view and from the impact they have on your daily life. Available 24/7 exclusively for you, a life size AIBEI Doll love doll will never say NO.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 40 items

As of today, obtain all the advantages of a sentimental and romantic relationship and forget the disadvantages. Love dolls from AIBEI Dolls are an ideal alternative to life, love and sex as a couple. Customize your model in just a few clicks and you will receive your AIBEI doll within 15 days discreetly on your doorstep.

Many materials and a lot of technology have been developed to design the realism and esthetics of these sex dolls. The one which is undoubtedly currently the most popular is TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). This material is made from a mix of materials derived from silicone. Cheaper than silicone, it still has the greatly appreciated characteristics of female skin: softness, texture, suppleness.

The TPE designed by AIBEI Dolls is 100% safe for humans, hygienic if correctly maintained and very long-lasting. When you stroke the skin of a sex doll model from AIBEI Dolls, you will get the impression that you are massaging a real woman. Whether it is her chest, her breasts, her buttocks, her thighs or her hips, you will be amazed by the softness and compressibility of the TPE when you touch it.

TPE sex dolls from AIBEI Dolls are sculpted and molded to replicate the natural parts of a real woman. Each mold is made from the body and face of a female model. Anatomically, you will find all the charms of a rounded pair of breasts, the natural aspect of luscious lips and also the details of the sexual orifices: vagina, mouth and anus.

At AIBEI Dolls the sexual cavities are striated to reproduce the excitement of anal and vaginal penetration as well as fellatio. All the quality sex dolls from AIBEI Dolls’ workshops have a metal skeleton with semi-rigid articulations. This framework enables her to take on realistic glamorous poses. All sex positions like doggy-style, the missionary and others can be envisaged without difficulty.

AIBEI Dolls sex dolls are perfectly adapted for love doll fans who wish to test sex with a real doll without breaking the bank.

For an optimal experience, we recommend that you use a water-based lube. Apply the lube to her vaginal labia, the inside of the vagina and to your penis and enjoy the excitement that only a pretty chic sexy woman can procure.

Recommendations: If you need inspiration and ideas to envisage making love to a doll, look at excerpts from sex doll category porno films. You should wash your AIBEI Dolls sex doll with 15 days after each sexual use. Rinse her with warm water and wash her with a gentle soap. Make sure you dry her after washing and avoid leaving residual water in her orifices.