Dolls from IronTech Sex doll are Premium Love dolls manufactured and molded individually in TPE. These Premium Love dolls have everything of a real woman: soft, textured elastic skin… a completely articulated body on a metal skeleton. The result is close to perfection both visually and to handle and touch. By purchasing a water-based lube you will experience true to life vaginal penetration. The realistic vagina of dolls from IronTech Doll is designed with impressive care for detail. Impossible to tell the difference between the vagina of a real woman and the Premium IronTech Doll one with a blindfold on. Ready to try? Discover our Premium Sex doll models right now.


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Feedback about IronTech Doll real dolls

Since 2018, we are delighted to have been able to offer life size real dolls from IronTech Doll to our future doll owners. This manufacturer produces hundreds of TPE dolls every month for the greatest pleasure of essentially male, American and European customers. At IronTech Doll, our customers particularly love the well-proportioned faces and figures with harmonious measurements. Realistic sex dolls from the brand recall the beauty of female models or models from fashion magazines. Unlike most of their competitors, IronTech Doll focuses their creativity on gracious and naturally beautiful life size female models. So, the ideal candidate to enhance your sexy photo sessions.

As far as the skeleton is concerned, real dolls from IronTech Doll have a M16 head/body connector. You can find this type of connector with most of the love doll brands (Wmdoll, YLDoll, Ordoll…). The joints and the movements of models from IronTech Doll are very complete with, in particular, double joints at the knees, elbows and neck.

The vagina of a love doll from IronTech Doll is surprisingly realistic. Everything is crafted finely and carefully to replicate the small and large vaginal labia. By lubricating this hyper-realistic vagina with a water-based lube, you will feel true to life sensations of the flesh.

Video of an IronTechDoll Sex doll

To get a better understanding of the realism of IronTechDoll sex dolls, nothing is better than a video. The images of love dolls from this manufacturer are very explicit. The touch sensations and caresses are not at all virtual, they are astoundingly true to life. What do you think?

Sex doll promotions all year round

We have been an official distributor of love dolls from IronTechDoll since 2018 and are happy to negotiate the best prices for our customers. Each model of love doll from IronTechDoll is manufactured by the unit and shipped after a valid quality check. During Black Friday, St Valentine’s Day, at Christmas and all year round, we offer exclusive promotions on all our sex dolls. Do not hesitate to stay connected or to contact us for any further information.