The real dolls from the YOURDOLL brand are marvelously hyper realistic feminine creatures designed for optimal comfort in sexual use. A metal skeleton brings life to all the possibilities of the human body, all your favorite positions for true to life sex. These YOURDOLL sex dolls are manufactured individually in TPE Cyberskin (close derivative of silicone) for true to life touch sensations. 3 orifices have been specially designed and molded using the technical characteristics of a real woman for astoundingly realistic adult pleasure (oral, anal, vaginal). With YOURDOLL you can chose all the seductive options of your real doll: from the eye, skin and hair color… down to her manicure. A true asset of esthetics which is here to make the major priority in your daily life become charnel, erotic and sensual moments. Will you be able to resist their crazy charms?

YOURDOLL real doll are manufactured directly at the YOURDOLL workshops (guarantee of professionalism and high quality). Each doll goes through a quality control process to approve the manufacturing quality of YOURDOLL real dolls before being sent safely to your doorstep. 100% discreet delivery of our YOURDOLL love dolls.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 135 items

Our opinion about Yourdoll/YL Doll sex dolls

Yourdoll is a manufacturer of life size dolls molded in TPE. Yourdoll (also known under the abbreviation of YL Doll) is renowned for the esthetics and the femininity of their love doll models. The dolls are made in the same place as the pioneer company WMDolls (located at the Jinsan factory). This strategic location enables them to benefit from know-how and a level of quality comparable to this competitor brand. The TPE is soft to touch and respects the characteristics of female skin. The reproduction of their vagina is almost perfect. The metal skeleton gives great possibilities for movement. With a doll from Yourdoll, you can envisage all seated, lying and standing positions of the human body. Here there is no gay male available, only very voluptuous female shapes are offered. You may, however, transform each of your creations into a tranny sex doll by adding an interchangeable removable penis.

This 4.4ft (135cm) doll from YL Doll enables all novice love doll fans to bring a touch of glamor to their daily life without breaking the bank. The measurements of a real woman are respected and will plunge you into an erotic dreamlike ambience of the flesh.

The Yourdoll brand also offers a torso with big breasts for those who love YLDoll faces and who are only interested in using love dolls for sex.

5.4ft (165cm) YL Doll Yourdoll video

By watching this video, you will discover the natural charms and sex appeal of these magnificent comfort dolls from Yourdoll.  

Customize your YL Doll model.

TPE dolls from YL Doll presented in the different photo galleries are enhanced and made up by the manufacturer’s photographers. Should you wish to buy a YL Doll (aka Yourdoll) sex doll with the same setting options, this will not be a problem. Just let us know by email after your order. We will then make sure that you receive the real doll which corresponds to the photos.

We have been the official dealer for the YL Doll/Yourdoll brand since 2015. Every month we ship dozens of sex dolls from all brands to USA, Canada, and Europe. We check each order before shipping and only send a doll if it respects our quality charter and standards. Should you wish to buy a TPE sex doll, the YLDoll brand is one of our top 3 manufacturers.