Platinum DS DOLL silicone dolls are well-known for three things: the softness of their silicone, their realistic proportions (similar to those of an Asian woman) and the lightness of their models. And the least we can say is that they truly deserve this great reputation. Available with about twenty different faces for more than 10 bodies on offer, you will have a lot to choose from when designing the photo model or the future companion of your dreams. The weight of these silicone dolls from DS DOLL is optimal for comfortable handling, transporting and use. Doll Sweet silicone love dolls offer anal and vaginal cavities which give thrillingly natural sexual sensations. DS DOLL is quite simply at the top range on the silicone real doll market.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 35 items

Our opinion about silicone love dolls from DSDoll.

Doll Sweet (also known under the abbreviation DSDoll) is a Japanese brand of luxury silicone dolls for men. In the DSDoll collection you will find what is currently best in terms of silicone and skeletons. More than 30 faces and 4 shades of skin available for Asian, European or Mulatto type silicone love dolls.

We like the softness of the silicone, the ultra-realistic touch sensations, and the metal ball-joint skeleton with rigid or supple joints (to be chosen). The possibility of articulated fingers for the hands (extra options) adds a level of fine detail to the skeleton compared to other competitors’ silicone real dolls. This manufacturer is currently working on their first prototype of AI love doll (silicone sexbot).

5.5ft (167cm) silicone EVOS-S dolls from DSDoll have special make-up, textured skin and a hyper-realistic permanent vagina. This is undoubtedly the most realistic doll in our catalogue.

The EX-LITE DSDoll model designed in polyurethane foam with a plastic skeleton is the lightest in the collection (only 17.5lb (8kg)). The Doll Sweet Ex-lite model can also be disassembled into certain pieces for optimal storage.  

We also like the two male models in silicone for women. Dreamlike muscles, an interchangeable penis (erect or resting), and round firm buttocks enhance this silicone male doll model.

Advice from the team about silicone sex dolls from DS Doll: If you wish to use your silicone DSDoll doll as photo model, we recommend that you go for a skeleton with rigid joints. If you are purchasing a silicone doll exclusively for sexual use, the supple metal articulated skeleton will do the job.  

DSDoll Doll Sweet Video

Enough talk, just take a look at the charms and natural beauty of DSDoll silicone love dolls. The images are very evocative and will give you a taste of their beauty.

Current offers for silicone Doll Sweet dolls

At the moment, take advantage of our current offer: a free face for a purchase of any DollSweet love doll. We do all that we can to offer new items from the DSDoll manufacturer, the best prices and all their current promotional offers.