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We guarantee the high quality of all the real dolls in our store (luxury design from a high quality silicone/TPE Cyber Skin). Equipped with an articulated metal skeleton (Full Metal), our silicone/TPE love dolls have met with great success in terms of sensations and even more realistic scenarios. Referred to as a sex doll or real doll by an expert audience but also as realistic inflatable doll by a less expert audience, this love doll is not in the least bit like its ancestor the “inflatable sex dolls”.

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Here, hyperrealism has been developed carefully for exceptionally gentle and soft sensations which are unbelievably close to those of human skin. A metallic frame enables you to bring life to your love doll in multiple positions. Chic, elegant and extremely soft to touch (delicate material close to human skin), our silicone TPE sex dolls will comply with the erotic expectations and inspiration of our most loyal customers. At Silicone Sexy Doll, we understand that purchasing a realistic sex doll in silicone TPE represents an investment for several years of partnership and so we commit to offering you the most beautiful and fantastic love dolls of the moment. To answer your finer requests, you may customize your model to suit your tastes: size, eye color, skin… a truly complete choice of customization for the doll of your dreams and sexual fantasies. Our exceptional ultra realistic sex dolls will captivate fans of unique decoration, artists lacking inspiration and looking for a muse, adults with the wildest sexual fantasies, and many others… Our lifelike sex dolls can transform your sex life.

Our services include secure and discrete payment (no reference made to the product during transactions) as well as a fast delivery offered anywhere in the world in discrete packaging!

So hesitate no longer and give way to your wildest inspiration… for the pleasure of your eyes and your senses.

Starpery Real Sex Dolls

Thanks to our professionalism and reliability, we have been referenced since 2018 as trusted dealer on the American love doll forum:

Since 2015, we have been a certified life size silicone and TPE doll store. Only authentic sex dolls from original brands like WM Dolls, YLDoll, ORDoll (Jinsan Sex dolls), 6YE Premium, DS Doll, JY Doll, Piper Doll and many others are referenced in our catalogue. We are authorized to develop and represent all love doll brands in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia. We are the official love doll store in the USA.

For this reason, buying a silicone doll on our site guarantees:

- the best prices of love dolls in USA, Australia, Europe and in Canada;

- our proven service quality on the sex doll market since 2015;

- aquisition of authentic real sex dolls, corresponding to the photos on the photo gallery and responding to CE standards and roHS compliant. All silicone love dolls sold here are from trusted manufacturers.

Some market places or Chinese dealers propose low quality copies, counterfeits, models with juvenile measurements and faces, or simply cheap sex dolls compared to our prices. In case of doubt, we recommend that you check the origin and legal credentials of the dealer (certain love doll models are simply forbidden for importation). We remain at your disposal should you require any clarification on the subject.

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Why buy real sex dolls on our store ?

Because absolutely all the best brands of lifelike sex dolls are listed on our website. Our customer service will do anything they can to offer you the best possible responsiveness during the purchasing process but also when using your own doll. You can communicate with our customer service by e-mail or online chat without any interruption. Lifelike sex dolls are a passion shared by the founders of this site. By choosing us, you will have the guarantee of being able benefit from valuable advice, user guides and assistance. Unlike most distributors, we know our real sex dolls by heart, and have personally handled and tested them. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to assist you.

buy heated adult sex doll

The brands of love dolls Wmdolls, ASDoll are now offering their range of Premium sex dolls with optional warming (internal heating system) and groaning features. Adult love dolls from YLDoll (aka Yourdoll) are now being sold as sex dolls which can be warmed. A love doll that can be warmed has a body able to reach human body temperature. This option will improve your experience and plunge you into the most realistic erotic ambience. Pleasure sensations will be tenfold.
Remark: The groaning option from sex dolls is only available in the English language.

Sexbot IA – Sex Robot & Realbot Doll

Humanoid sexbots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the latest evolution in adult real dolls. Able to hold a conversation in English, to answer your questions, to raise a smile or any other facial expression, the female robot doll will surprise you and seduce in a wink of an eye. Ultra-realistic sexbots offer extra interactivity compared with traditional silicone dolls. All sexbots have a body able to reach the body temperature of a real woman. They are also able to groan when caressed or during sex. Wait no longer to discover our realbots in TPE from the brands ASdoll and AI Tech Love doll.

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Video - Our WM DOLLS 172cm D-CUP (This brand also offers Male Sex Dolls and Lesbian Sex Dolls).

Our advice prior to purchasing your real doll

Discover our complete file, our opinions, our rankings and our comparisons of the different brands of real dolls offered in our store. You will be able to choose your real doll in complete awareness. In particular, the following questions are covered : What is the best brand of TPE love doll ? Of Silicone love doll ? Should I buy a TPE sex doll or a traditional silicone doll? What are the most realistic sex dolls ?

How is your sexdoll made ?

Making a realistic love doll is very complex and time-consuming. The operations are carried out by hand and require a lot of dexterity and great expertise. Even if the manufacturing process is often kept secret by the doll manufacturers, we have decided to give you some details about the different stages of manufacturing. So how is a love doll made?

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A few things to check before starting to make your doll

Before starting to make a sex doll, we scrupulously check that everything is consistent. Among the inconsistencies that we will inform you of by email before launching your order:
  • - the purchase of a TPE penis for a doll with a molded vagina
  • - the purchase of a teeth kit and/or tongue for a face without a mouth orifice
Some orders require additional information. This was the case, for example, for a recent order for a Gynoid Tech doll with the skeleton with flexible joints option. Given the price of such an ultra-realistic doll, we feel obliged to indicate the specificities and the inconveniences of this type of skeleton. This skeleton does not enable long-term positions and endless photo shoots. Only rigid joints are suitable for this activity. We therefore prefer to let you know in advance to avoid any misunderstanding upon receipt of the package.
The last case for which we send an email prior to production: the announcement of an abnormally long delay in delivery times. Depending on the time of year, the manufacturer’s workload may lead to to an extension in the delivery time. In this specific case, we will inform you of the delay before launching your order.
We prefer to inform or even cancel an order so that the shopping experience meets your expectations.

Order confirmed, production launched

If everything is consistent, we then write a manufacturing sheet. This order form complies with each manufacturer’s option nomenclature. For each option chosen we add the image so that everything is perfectly understood by our manufacturer. Manufacturing of your life size sex doll can now begin.

The process of manufacturing love dolls

Life-like Sex dolls are produced individually according to your specifications. The production process begins with the preparation of the casting mold for body modeling. The manufacturing process of the mold for making a sexdoll will be the subject of an article very soon. After this step, the sex doll’s articulated metal skeleton is assembled and tightened. This is done to give it good posture and make it easy to handle.
Skeletons are made in an independent specialized factory. The manufacturing workshops, however, check the key points such as the quality of the welding and the absence of rust spots. If the skeleton is operational, then it will be covered with fabric. This fabric isolates and protects the body outer skin from the protruding metal parts of the skeleton. The idea is to secure the risk of tearing as much as possible for optimal future use. If you want to learn more about handling the articulated skeleton of a sex doll, don't hesitate to read our dedicated article.
Once ready, the skeleton is carefully placed in the mold in a fairly precise position so that both fit well. It must be positioned so that no part is in direct contact with the walls of the cast. Otherwise, it could hinder the flow of silicone (same for TPE) and create a manufacturing defect. Therefore, no approximation is allowed or accepted during this very delicate operation. Silicone casting is the step which follows once the skeleton is correctly positioned in the mold. After the latter is closed, the material in its liquid form is poured into it through an opening located at the top of the body. This slowly fills the container until it completely covers the skeleton.
The drying phase can last several hours, even several days. Generally, the silicone is left to polymerize to ensure that it has dried well. Drying takes time. A realdoll that dries too quickly may encounter short/medium term problems: air bubbles, cracks, tears. Certain areas of the body such as the chest, buttocks or thighs have greater proportions of silicone (or TPE as the case may be) and vary from one mold to another. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the drying time is adapted to the particular manufacturing mold.
We then proceed to unmold. It is important to take your time when separating the casing from the mold, in order to avoid the risk of tearing caused by hasty detaching. It is the finishing phase that will make the doll thus obtained more realistic and more attractive. At first, this consists of eliminating irregularities and holes on the hands, feet and sides of the body.
Color tints are then applied using an airbrush, followed by facial makeup and placement of nails and intimate hair. Other elements (freckles, moles, tan lines, etc.) can be added to the real doll on your request.

How long does it take to make a sexdoll?

Overall, it is estimated that manufacturing of a TPE sex doll takes between 10-15 days, whereas a silicone doll takes 15-20 days. Specific options such as implanting facial hair, adding a heating or moaning module, or ultra-realistic body make-up will add around ten days to the observed timeframes.

Careful control of every detail.

Your love doll is now ready, complete with make-up. We ask our agents on site to check that everything is in order. Each area of the body is inspected, each joint is checked. During this quality conformity process, we photograph and archive all these elements for complete monitoring.
As soon as the green light is given, we appoint a logistics team to start the shipping process of the package.

Reinforced sized packaging for safe shipping.

Before considering shipping, the parcel must be correctly packaged. Your sex doll's hands and feet are carefully protected. These protections are provided by plastic, foam or a blanket. The head is separated from the body during transport (except for Piper Doll or DSDoll dolls with fixed heads). A protective cover and foam will protect your sex doll's eyes and eyelashes.
The box is perfectly sized and protected for safe shipping. It can easily be used as a storage box in the future. It is equipped with all the necessary protection for optimal long-term horizontal storage. Once the packaging is done, our logistics team then takes over.

Hassle-free shipping.

Our logistics team is responsible for checking the condition of the package and then establishing the administrative elements for a smooth process. As soon as the package is handed over to the carrier, we will send you the tracking number by email. This tracking number will suggest a delivery date. If this day is not suitable, don’t panic! It will be up to you to contact the carrier to organize it at your convenience.
Do not hesitate to share some photos of your real doll upon receipt of your package. It's always a pleasure to see the beauty of our dolls in our customers’ environment! So, be imaginative and send us your most beautiful photos.

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