Create Your Own 6YE DOLL Premium

Have you fallen for one of the magnificent faces from the 6YE Doll Premium brand and wish to acquire the best quality TPE love doll? Good news! The manufacturer 6YE DOLL is now proposing its luxury TPE Premium range in several different body shapes. Whether you love small or large women, whether you love hot women with large busts or not, you will undoubtedly find the dream figure for the perfect replica of your ideal woman. 6YE DOLL Premium love dolls are patented, of quality and have carefully molded orifices (vagina, anus, mouth) which are hyper realistic and procure true to life sensations.

Create Your Own 6YE DOLL Premium

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Showing 1 - 30 of 32 items

6YE DOLL is one of the most popular TPE love doll brands in United-States and Europe. 6YE DOLL is a reliable manufacturer and a first-class partner. 6YE sex dolls have very popular features: no-oil minima TPE skin, a ball-joint skeleton and very fine details. 6YE DOLL is a TDF certified high-quality supplier.

Its models are attractive and remarkably beautiful. 6YE real dolls can have wide hips, slender waists and ultra-realistic busts. To put it in a nutshell, they have everything you could possibly need to satisfy your craziest requests.

As far as faces are concerned, we appreciate the delicacy of their features. Many options like wigs, skin color or expression will enhance your creation. The 6YE brand offers some silicone molded faces if you are keen to have the pleasure of acquiring a hybrid sex doll. 6YE Premium dolls are excellent value for money. You will receive an exact copy of the models exhibited in the photo gallery.

Although they are not always enhanced correctly in the photo sessions, 6YE dolls are just as perfect as WMDoll models. The doll you receive will be even prettier than the pictures in our catalogue. Our 6YE DOLL customers’ feedback confirms all the good that we think of this provider.

We always offer the lowest possible prices. If you find cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate to let us know. We will do our best to align with this distributor if it is also listed on the Doll Forum TDF reference list. If you want make the fantasy of loving a real doll come true, look no further! 6YE models are the best possible value for money.

Premium customizable sex dolls.

On this page you will find the list of all the 6YE DOLL brand bodies. You can refine your selection by filtering by size or weight. If you are hesitating between two figures, we recommend that you choose the lightest one. It will be easier to handle. You should be aware of the strength required to handle and move a doll that is over 36kg (79lbs),.

Beyond the purely technical aspects, you will be able to customize your Premium 6YE Doll by choosing from:

  • • 4 different eye colors (brown, blue, green, grey)
  • • 4 different skin colors (white, natural, tanned, dark)
  • • Around 20 synthetic hair wigs
  • • 4 different colors of nipples and vaginal labia; they may even be different.
  • • 2 types of breast firmness (Hollow or Solid)
  • • 3 sizes of areola from 3cm to 5cm
  • • A fixed or Insert removable vagina; you can also add a removable penis
  • • A pubic hair option
  • • 2 types of skeletons: we recommend that you choose the last generation skeleton for easy ergonomic handling
  • • And of course the possibility to add a standing option with reinforced ankles.

Should you have any questions about customization of your 6YE Premium love doll, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Our team of professionals is here to help you.