Sex dolls from CLIMAX DOLL are now an excellent compromise for the purchase of an inexpensive real doll. CLIMAX DOLL dolls offer a level of realism almost equivalent to the other brands on offer at the most affordable price. These choice sex dolls are the perfect reproduction of female bodies and faces: the designers and sculptors at CLIMAX DOLL work thoroughly and professionally to offer you optimal comfort of use. Initially meant for purely sexual use, CLIMAX DOLL real dolls can become more than a simple sex toy for those who wish to tame them. True moments of sharing, eroticism and other private moments will transform you daily life for many years. CLIMAX DOLL love dolls are manufactured directly at the CLIMAX DOLL workshops (guarantee of professionalism and know how). A quality control concludes the manufacturing process of your love doll before being sent immediately and safely to your doorstep. 100% discreet delivery of our CLIMAX DOLL real dolls.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 40 items

Climax Doll life size quality adult dolls.

Since 2016 we have been happy to be among the official distributors of the sex doll brand Climax Doll.

Inspired by the knowhow of the Jinsan factory (bringing together the brands YL Doll, WM Doll or also ORDoll in China), Climax doll love dolls have a level of quality comparable to the latter. The CEO of Climax Doll is an ex-employee of the Jinsan factory. He has therefore used his expertise, knowledge and experience to create this own branch and his own range of bodies and faces: the Climax Doll brand. Regarding the materials, skeleton and customization options, you can find absolutely everything that contributed to the success of traditional brands at Jinsan.

The figures of Climax Doll love dolls are renowned to be heavy and plump (FAT Sex doll model). Some have very imposing hips, a fat belly and a very opulent bust. The small 4.5ft (135cm) model, for example, brings together all these characteristics. Their private parts and in particular vaginas are designed totally realistically. We note that the small 4.5ft (135cm) sex doll has a large clitoris which just needs to be constantly stimulated. .

The CM Doll real doll manufacturer was one of the first to move away from very strongly Japanese, Chinese or Asian-type faces. Here you can find sexy dolls with European women’s styles.

Thousands of possibilities to customize your Climax love doll.

Whether it be the level of skin color, hairstyles, expressions… a great many possibilities are offered for thousands of possibilities. By customizing a teen sex doll from Climax Doll, you will be sure of owning and purchasing a unique model of love doll at the best price. If you are worried about the idea of customization, good news! Our teams offer to make the model up to look like the ones on display in the photo galleries. You will therefore be certain that you are acquiring a doll as presented in our catalogue. Should you have any doubts or hesitations we are at your disposal to help you to make the right choice.

All the models presented and sold in our official sex doll store are authorized to be imported to the USA, Australia, and Canada… The models are certified as compliant and authentic Climax Dolls.