We are pleased to announce a new partnership with a new arrival on the TPE sex doll market: the manufacturer IRONTECH DOLL. Despite their recent arrival and although many factories are now proposing cheap love dolls with questionable quality, IRONTECH have immediately stood out thanks to their esthetics, realism, quality, fine details and materials and are now amongst the best on the market. Today, a dozen faces are on offer for five different life size bodies. No doubt this brand will widen their range in the near future: this is why we could not miss out on referencing them in our store. Wait no longer to discover TPE sex dolls to be customized from IRONTECH DOLL.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 30 items

A sex doll with certified quality

IronTechDoll love dolls are among the best in the sex doll industry. Their level of quality, beauty and realism is highly appreciated. They can be used for purely sexual purposes or as an artwork, decorative model, cinema model or life companion. IronTech sex dolls can move as you wish and are articulated thanks to a stainlesssteel skeleton.

Sexual positions with IronTechDoll love dolls

IronTechDoll love dolls are flexible and long-lasting. Their EVO metal skeleton is robust and efficient. All of the doll’s limbs will be able to bend and move in the realistic positions of the human skeleton. This skeleton is both easy to handle and ergonomic, you can consider absolutely any sexual position from your favorite repertoire (missionary, doggy style, etc.). IronTech Doll sex dolls are molded in TPE which is renowned for its softness and suppleness. By maintaining your doll correctly according to our recommendations, you can keep your pretty creature for several years (5 to 10 years for the most meticulous owners).

How to maintain your IronTech Doll sexy doll correctly?

As specified in the previous paragraph, a TPE love doll requires care and maintenance. If you don't take time for her, the quality of your real doll will degrade over time. So you need to make sure to clean your sex doll after each sexual use. The sexual orifices should be given special care. To keep the original freshness of the TPE, we recommend you moisturize your doll’s skin from time to time (mineral oil) and apply talcum powder after drying.

The body of a goddess to be customized according to your tastes

Thanks to the manufacturer IronTech Doll, you can choose:

  • • a 4.6ft (140cm) to more than 5.6ft (170cm) tall model
  • • a face
  • • a synthetic hair wig and a Premium wig (optional)
  • • eye color
  • • skin color (from white to the darkest)
  • • manicure and pedicure style
  • • pubic hair or not
  • • the Jiggly Breasts / Gel Implant option for the breasts
  • • the color of her areolas (possibility of permanent makeup)
  • • a heating and groaning module

In a nutshell, a wide choice of combinations to give your creation a unique look.

Drastic quality control

Our quality control teams and the manufacturer IronTechDoll work hand in hand to check the conformity and the quality level of their models. Everything is inspected and controlled before shipping. We guarantee 100% quality satisfaction. All IronTechDoll love dolls have passed CE certification.

Discreet packaging for a totally private delivery

We ship IronTechDoll real dolls via a private carrier like FedEx or UPS. The package does not show any marking and remains discreet.