The manufacturer Doll Forever is the creator of beautiful life size TPE sex dolls. The brand is committed to manufacturing realistic high class love dolls which replicate to perfection the softness of the skin and the mobility of a real woman. To do so, their technicians excel in using high quality materials to give life to your future beauty queen. The TPE formula at Doll Forever has a very good reputation on the ultra-real sex doll market. This superior level of quality is the result of the manufacturer’s R&D team’s dedication. They offer an interesting degree of customization to make your love doll a unique being who is only lacking speech. Ready to take the leap?


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Showing 1 - 30 of 46 items

Each Doll4ever sex doll offered on our on-line store is:

• Created in high quality TPE. The TPE formula is shared by the 3 subsidiaries: Doll Forever, Doll House 168 and Piper Doll. This TPE is durable over time for frequent use. However, care must be taken to maintain and comply with all the hygiene conditions mentioned in several locations on this site.

• Made with a metal skeleton with articulated joints. The Doll Forever skeleton in its EVO version enables the squatting position; squat and the Japanese “seiza” position. You can handle your sexy Doll4ever doll in any position. The joints are rigid at first but will become more flexible with use.

• Made with incredible finesse. The finger and toenails, the eyelashes as well as all the details of its anatomy are designed for true to life replication. We check each of its details before shipping. We ask for the Doll Forever doll to be made again if it does not meet all our requirements in terms of quality and conformity.

• Individually manufactured according to your specifications. Hair, eye, skin color and many other configuration options can be chosen. We can also request your model to be made just like in the proposed photo galleries.

The strengths of the Doll Forever brand are multiple:

  • • A very wide choice of wigs ranging from classic to Cosplay style.
  • • A very wide variety of face styles. All of them imitate the faces of mature European or Asian woman.
  • • An ergonomic EVO skeleton capable of reproducing all the lascivious poses of the human body.
  • The Doll Forever brand has made tremendous progress lately and is easily establishing itself in the top 5 of our favorite manufacturers.

Asian Sex Dolls and Japanese beauty

Would you like to spend time with a beautiful Japanese woman? Our Asian sex dolls will enable you to make your most intimate dreams and fantasies come true. These lifelike Asian dolls are brilliantly produced. All their features are extremely realistic, down to the fine details. These love dolls are designed to satisfy, both artistically and sexually, anyone who loves women. Here we offer you an incredible selection of Asian sex dolls. You will need to identify the one you like the most in order to select all of her seductive assets. Japanese sex dolls have that delicious elegance that is impossible to find in the vulgar inflatable dolls of yesteryear. While you are browsing all the photo galleries of our wonderful Doll4ever dolls, appreciate the details and the finesse of the make-up. Enjoy the almost perfect reproduction of her intimate anatomy. Her hair, mouth, face and vagina are replicated to perfection exclusively for you.

Our joint commitments with the brand

We have been working closely with the manufacturer Doll Forever for more than 5 years. We aim to guide our future buyers towards quality tailor-made sex dolls, according to their wishes. We have all the certificates of authenticity for each model sold on this page. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Doll4ever real dolls are discreetly delivered in well-protected reinforced packaging.