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The Doll Forever team designs and develops a luxury range of real dolls with genuine guarantees of quality in terms of materials, realism and esthetics. Despite their youth on the adult real doll market, DOLL FOREVER can boast such a high level of technical expertise, use and mastery with these materials. Their TPE formula is therefore one of the best on the market. Their metal skeleton offers great mobility and stability for all the models in the range. Attentive to maintaining control of the entire production line, Doll Forever has chosen not to externalize in order to maintain a controlled level of quality. Here are the different types of bodies offered by DOLL FOREVER.

Create Your Own DOLL FOREVER

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Doll Forever real dolls are molded in TPE to replicate and simulate the physique, charisma and charms of a real human being. Many of our customers buy a Doll Forever real doll (or even Doll 4ever) for sexual use or as a photography model. Their faces and silhouettes are particularly suitable for Cosplay fans. Put a sexy outfit and a Cosplay wig on your love doll and you will find yourself in the wonderful magical atmosphere of Japanese lifestyle.

Meticulous manufacturing

The manufacturing process of a Doll Forever love doll is divided into 3 main steps:

  • • assembly of the framework which serves as an articulated skeleton,
  • • constitution of the TPE (blend derived from silicone)
  • • injection of the TPE into the manufacturing mold (which has been previously modeled using 3D techniques).

Doll Forever TPE is one of the best on the market. It replicates female skin in terms of its texture, flexibility and softness. This TPE also adheres perfectly to the skeleton for minimal risk of tearing.

This metal skeleton is perfectly isolated from the skin. This is what makes the big difference between counterfeit sex dolls and authentic sex dolls. Here, there is no risk of being in contact with the metal surface during sexual intercourse, and everything is designed for ease of use and optimum safety.

Some low-cost sex dolls do not offer these same safety guarantees. Every week, we are contacted by dissatisfied customers who have put their trust in dishonest distributors selling pale copies of Doll 4ever dolls. So let us reassure you, the sexual orifices are perfectly isolated and will never come into contact with the metal parts.

Fine details to give birth to a real woman

Once the molding has been completed, there are many business secrets regarding the finishing touches and makeup. This step requires delicacy and is carried out by very meticulous craftsmen (often women who are very familiar with aesthetics and realism).

In the finishing stages, we have:

  • • cleaning up of unevenness, burrs and excess TPE (carried out using bent point scissors)
  • • realistic make-up on the body using special paint (vaginal labia and areolas color in particular).
  • • semi-permanent make-up on the face applied with a brush (lip, eye contour and eyebrow color).

After this meticulous work, the real doll looks like a real woman. The skin feels so human that it will be difficult for you to tell the real thing from the replica with your eyes closed.

This manual work requires dozens of hours of work. This is why prices far exceed that of the old-fashioned inflatable dolls. Production time is 2-3 weeks after ordering. You will then receive your love doll in total discretion.