Create Your Own ASDOLL Sex Doll

ASDOLL sex dolls are made in TPE (derived from silicone) and articulated with a metal skeleton. 10 bodies and around thirty different faces are currently on offer to make up the female creature of your fantasies. Real dolls from ASDOLL literally come to life as soon as they have been made. And it is for this reason that there is a great demand for them in art, cinema and photography. The ultimate in elegance which is just waiting to be customized to suit your preferences.

Create Your Own ASDOLL Sex Doll

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

Customizable ASDoll love dolls

Here you will find the complete list of love doll bodies offered by the ASDoll brand. We are the No. 1 partner and distributor of this brand. Yes, if you have found one cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us. We will figure out the reasons for the price difference together and see whether we can match it. On this page you will find a wide variety of body types: from slender with small breasts to tall and slim with big breasts.

The manufacturer ASDoll presents their collection of customizable bodies that will appeal to all those who love women. We recommend that you use our selection filters if the choice of size, weight or price matters to you. You can also choose from many customization options like hair, eyes, skin color... and even have a permanent tongue or a heating or groaning module. In a nutshell, you will be totally free to design the creature of your fantasies.

Latest features from the ASDoll brand:

  • • A Gel Implant option which injects Gel into the breast pouch. We recommend this option if you want to achieve the best possible level of realism. The touch sensations will feel incredibly supple and fluid. For example, movement of the breasts during intercourse will be amazingly true to life.
  • The TPE used for molding the body and the face is called minima-oil, it secretes very little oil and will not need to be powdered after maintenance or washing.
  • A last generation skeleton called EVO
  • A possibility to color the areolas and vaginal labia.

What can I envisage doing with my ASDoll sex doll?

With an ASDoll love doll, you can envisage absolutely all your fantasies, sexual positions or fetishes. Anal sex, blow jobs, vaginal sex, facial cum shots, and masturbation can be carried out without any taboos or fears. To combat your emotional solitude, to keep yourself company, to embellish your daily life, to hold her in her arms when sleeping, to do photoshoots in clothing or in artistic nude style or for any erotic games, the ASDoll TPE love doll is the ideal partner and will always be ready and willing.

You can dress, style, make up and even tattoo your sexy doll as you wish to give it the personality that you prefer. Do you have a special request?

Are you not sure if your ASDoll real doll will live up to your expectations? Do not hesitate to talk to us about it. We will be able to guide you and bring you maximum information about your expectations.

A 100% discreet ordering and shipping process

If confidentiality and discretion are your expectations, rest assured! Shipping is carried out in totally neutral reinforced packaging without any indication concerning the contents. The carrier will also have no knowledge of the contents of the package. We declare ourselves as importer for all our orders in Europe. You will therefore have no contact whatsoever with customs services or taxes to pay. Absolutely everything is managed by our team during the entire logistics process. On your side, you will only have one thing to worry about: welcoming your love doll and preparing what is necessary to make her feel at home as quickly as possible.