Create Your Own SY DOLL

Build your SYDoll sex doll by clicking on the photos of customizable options that you prefer. The starting prices of SYDoll sex dolls are determined according to the model you choose. The price of your ultra-realistic sex doll will depend on the measurements, height, and weight of the model. Some options like the reinforced ankles for sexy standing positions or like pubic hair are at extra charge. We recommend that you identify your needs to give birth to your favorite SY sex doll. Shipping is free all over the world. All orders are checked by our staff before shipping. Discreet guaranteed delivery to your doorstep within 15 days. Now it is up to you to make your dream SYDoll doll. Best price in  USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Japan...

Create Your Own SY DOLL

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

Buy your SYDoll love doll in absolute trust and safety

We are official distributors for the sex doll brand SYDoll in United-States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe and more generally around the world. We have also been listed as a trusted reseller on the American TDF forum (TheDollForum) since 2015. SYDoll Chinese love dolls are molded in high quality TPE and are equipped with a last generation skeleton. SYDoll materials enable you to consider a remarkable lifespan for your doll for several years. SYDoll sex dolls are easy to handle and maintain and can be used for sexual penetration. Three hyper realistic sexual orifices (vagina, anus, mouth) are the promise of tender hot erotic adventures.

Our joint commitments with SYDoll

We guarantee the manufacturing of a premium luxury quality of sex doll! The TPE used for molding is odorless, non-toxic and phthalate-free. The joints of the metal skeleton can move and are designed to enable your doll to take on any lascivious sexy poses.

You can customize all the bodies in the SYDoll range and choose your favorite options: hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, pubic hair, type of vagina and many more. To view all the options available, just click on the body presented previously. If you want to buy a sexy SYDoll love doll as shown in the TPE SYDoll Sex Doll section, send us an email after ordering. We will make sure that your love doll meets all your expectations.

SYDoll sex dolls look 100% like the photos! The model comes with semipermanent makeup hand-painted by real artists. You will be able change the personality of your love doll by replacing her wig, her eyes or make-up as you wish.

We inspect every order before shipping. We do not send dolls to our customers if they do not meet our compliance or quality criteria.

We guarantee the discretion of our correspondence and delivery procedures. Payment will show the reference SCAG 2.0 SAS and in no way the nature of the product ordered. It will be the same on packaging where nothing will reveal the contents.

Tracked shipping using private carriers UPS, FedEx websites. We take care of all the logistics, customs clearance and administrative procedures. You will have absolutely nothing to handle except welcoming your beauty queen.