Greatly appreciated on TPE doll forums, lady sex dolls from the SYDoll brand are the quintessence of femininity. Molded in TPE, customized to your taste, checked after manufacturing, dolls from SY Doll have the very best features of sex dolls on the market. At our end, we make sure that you have the best possible customer experience. We will answer all your questions before and after purchasing, we take care of all the administrative and customs procedures to safely import your doll to your doorstep. Multi-brand dealer in USA since 2015, we only ship our dolls if we are proud of the result. Wait no longer to discover SYDoll TPE dolls.


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How to put make-up on a TPE love doll ?

Putting make-up on a TPE real doll is not a topic which is often brought up in the doll owner community. However, several make-up tutorials already exist on the American forum DollForum US. These are mainly shared by TPE sex doll owners. Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is a material which is a lot like the pores of human skin. TPE is therefore perfectly suited for make-up. Make-up penetrates the pores of the TPE skin of your love doll and can remain for up to several weeks. This duration may vary depending on the type of make-up used.

What types of make-up should I use for my real doll?

Good news! You can apply most types of exisiting make-up on the market. With a little work, you can give your doll a completely new personality (for a very affordable price). Amongst the possible types of make-up, we include:

  • Foundation
  • Eyebrow liner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow
  • Make-up brushes
  • Make-up remover (avoid oil-based products whenever possible)
  • Cotton wool make-up pads (available in most practical stores)
  • And many others ...

How to put make up on a TPE real doll? Which accessories ?

Foundation to enhance your love doll’s cheek bones

To enhance your real doll’s face, there is nothing like foundation. With foundation, you can highlight or give volume to your love doll’s cheeks. We recommend that you use the large brush in your make-up bag and apply it lightly. The result will appear totally natural. You will learn more by reading several tutorials on female make-up websites.

Fake eyelashes for your life size real doll.

Do not forget the fake eyelashes in your future make-up bag. By using special eyelash glue, you will be able to replace your sex doll’s upper and lower eyelashes easily in record time!

Can I put make up on and color my TPE real doll’s nipples and vaginal labia?

The answer is YES! To make the intimate parts of your sex doll even more realistic, you can put make-up on your love doll’s vagina, anus and nipples with a make-up brush. Contact us should you need any more information on this topic.

How to remove make-up on a TPE real doll?

To clean your TPE real doll, avoid rubbing the skin as much as possible. Avoid using oil-based products too. Water-based make-up remover on a make-up remover pad will be more than efficient. For more sensitive areas like around the eyes, use of a cotton bud is preferable.

Should you have any particular questions about putting make-up on a TPE sex doll, do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or on-line chat. We will be delighted to answer your questions as soon as possible.