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Can you replace the eyes of a realistic sex doll?

When people customize their realistic sex doll model on, one question often comes back: is the choice of eye color irreversible? Can I change my real doll’s eyes? And if so, is it difficult? So many questions which require clarification. Here is all that you have ever wanted to know about your sex doll’s eyes.

Can you change a sex doll’s eyes?

Possible choices for your sex doll’s eyes.

Before beginning the tutorial on replacing your real doll’s eyes, let’s look at a few explanations about them.

The choice of closed OR open eyes for your sex doll.

Two types of sex doll faces exist: dolls with sleeping eyes and sex dolls with open eyes. When purchasing your real doll at, you must be certain about your choice. A sleeping doll cannot open her eyes and vice versa.

Are a sex doll’s eyes mobile?

Can you move a real doll’s eyes? Can she squint or look in your direction whatever position she is in? In 90% of cases, real dolls’ eyes remain immobile and cannot be directed automatically. Future sex robots are being designed to eventually offer this type of functionality. However, the eyes can be directed manually. The silicone sex doll brand Sanhui Dolls offers the possibility to have rotating eyes for your sex doll. You may, by pressing your fingers on the eye balls, direct them easily as you wish. Without this option, you will need to do it with a special eye setting hook for TPE dolls.

How do I replace my sex doll’s eyes ?

Quick tutorial for changing your realistic sex doll’s eyes. Before starting this tutorial, please contact us to find out if your model’s eyes can be replaced. Certain models of silicone dolls do not have this option. Be careful when inserting or removing the eye ball to avoid cutting the corners of the skin around the eyes. To extract the eye of a TPE doll, you will need to buy a small extraction and setting hook for TPE dolls’ eyes. By inserting this hook in the outside corner of your TPE doll’s eye, you will hear a clipping sound. Then just open the eyelids and remove your TPE sex doll’s eyeball.

To insert your sex doll’s new eye, make sure you put the fibers back into place inside the eye so that none will be visible. The new eye should be inserted towards the bottom part of your doll’s eye which must be opened wide. Just press gently then to replace your sex doll’s new eye. You can adjust the direction of your sex doll’s eyes as you wish by pressing your index finger on your sex doll’s eye ball.

Remark: an instruction guide is provided with your sex doll when purchasing on our website. If you wish to replace your sex doll’s eyes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you support and advice.