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We are delighted to add the prestigious silicone doll brand CSTDoll to our catalogue. Affordable prices, an ultra-feminine realistic body line and materials that do not suffer from comparison with its competitors, the CSTDoll brand is among the best.

By putting your trust in CST Doll, you can rely on the following characteristics:

  • an EVO skeleton with the Shoulder Shrug option; the fingers can be articulated as an extra option;
  • a soft chest with true to life movements and viscosity;
  • body make-up revealing veins and the texture and thickness of human skin;
  • a head that clips to the body using a quick connector;
  • a face showing implanted eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • 2 ultra-realistic sexual orifices (vagina and anus).

Beware, if you choose a 145cm or 150cm doll with an Insert vagina, you will not be able to have an Anal orifice.


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