For a long time JY DOLL was associated with the brand MAIDEN DOLL, and has proposed a range of highly esthetic erotic sex dolls. This brand of love doll differs from their competitors through the beauty of their models, the manufacturing quality and the materials used for a very affordable price. Here is a beautiful way to enter into the mysterious world of real dolls and sex dolls with a very small budget. Will you be able to resist the temptation?


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Showing 1 - 30 of 117 items

Our opinion about life size love dolls from JYDoll.

JYDoll is a manufacturer of sexy TPE model dolls which are manufactured in workshops in China (in Dongguan, in the province of Guangdong). This manufacturer is one of the most creative ones in the TPE sex doll industry: you will find many faces and bodies. Whether you like small busts, large buttocks, slim waists or voluptuous figures with extravagant dimensions… it is impossible not to find your ideal female or male in their collection. The TPE used to mold them has a durable, soft, realistic feel to it. JYDoll sex dolls are articulated via a new metal skeleton.

The new skeleton from JYDoll presents the following improvements:

- a quick head/body connector
- joints with hinges at the level of the neck for better stability.
- joints with hinges for wrist movements for your JYDoll doll
- great flexibility, ultra-realistic movements and ergonomic handling,
- great sturdiness and very good JY TPE adherence.

Life size sex dolls from JY Doll are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to indulge in their passion for love dolls without breaking the bank. Excellent value for money. JY sex dolls are delivered with the first accessories and a sexy outfit for immediate use.

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Official JYDoll sex doll store

JY Doll has been exporting TPE sex dolls for 10 years. In this industry where there are unreliable manufacturers and counterfeits, JYDoll stands out by making middle range sex doll models at the best price. We are happy to share all the creativity of this manufacturer with our clients and to be official distributor for JYDoll in Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA, since 2017.

We check each doll by the unit before shipping. We do not hesitate to refuse a sexy JY Doll if it does not comply with our expectations and your requirements. The aim is simple: offer you what we ourselves would like to receive.