Create Your Own Sex Doll from ORDOLL

ORDOLL use all their know how to offer you the possibility to make up the TPE sex doll of your dreams. ORDOLL’s love doll range proposes different shapes of 5ft 1 (156cm) bodies with a dozen different faces. ORDOLL dolls are greatly appreciated for the high level of quality of the different materials used in the manufacturing process (ultra-soft TPE Cyberskin and a sturdy, modern, resistant steel skeleton). Will you be able to resist their charms?

Create Your Own Sex Doll from ORDOLL

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Third Jinsan brand

OrDoll is the third brand at Jinsan adult dolls. This brand produces its models at the same manufacturing site as WMDoll and YLDoll. ORDoll love dolls have voluptuous figures of sexy women. On this page you will find a realistic Torso but also a dozen models compatible with all ORDoll, YLDoll or even WMDoll faces. If you want a face alone to complete your collection, you can find what you are looking for in the Love Doll Head catalogue.
Ordoll real dolls are mobile, flexible and ultra-soft. The last generation skeleton and Jinsan TPE will perfect the quality, realism and aesthetics of the entire range. Day or night, these molded life size adult dolls will display their charisma and beauty but also their sense of duty. The Ordoll love doll will never say no to endless photo sessions or even the most whimsical sex games.

If you are a fan of realistic breasts, you can count on the Gel Breast option for movements, moisture and suppleness worthy of a real woman's breasts. Some bodies with gigantic busts will also appeal to those who love breathtaking cleavages. There will be a body to suit every wish, every need and every budget.

True to life female models molded in TPE

All Ordoll love dolls are handcrafted with attention to detail. Their ultra-realistic body makeup will add an extra layer of truth. Each real doll is individually molded and highly customizable according to your specifications. You can combine all the Jinsan factory customization options. Do not hesitate to browse our blog dedicated to real dolls to learn more about these options or to get the latest news about adult dolls.

After identifying the Ordoll body of your dreams, you can customize:

  • • the face, eyes, expression and skin
  • • her body, areolas, vaginal labia and vagina

A body warming system will bring an extra dose of realism when considering having sex with your doll. The sensations of penetration will be even warmer and more immersive. Using a water-based lube will reproduce female sexual arousal and even softer ultra-sensual penetration. By putting your trust in the ORDoll brand it’s unlikely you will be disappointed. The doll will bear the signature of what is best in terms of quality and aesthetics. If you have spotted an Ordoll model that you like, wait no longer and go for it! You will thank us.

What about storing your ORDoll model?

There are several different ways of storing your sexy adult doll. Some are efficient if they protect the doll from sunlight and dust. Storage should ideally be done in a room with a normal household temperature. We recommend storing the doll in its original packaging, suspended using hooks or in an adapted storage bench. Be careful not to place your love doll on dark colored fabric, with the risk of staining the TPE. In this case it would be necessary to resort to stain remover.
If you have any questions on this subject, do not hesitate to call or write to us. Our team of professionals will give you as much information as possible for totally safe storage.