6YE DOLL Premium

We are delighted to announce that 6YE DOLL have put their trust in us for the almost exclusive sale of their innovative real sex dolls (in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe). Carefully selected according to very precise specifications and keen to keep control of the production and distribution lines, only a few distributors have been selected and authorized for U.S.
The Premium range of the 6YE DOLL brand is quite simply the very best to be found in the world of TPE sex dolls today. Elaborated with expertize, sculpted and molded to a degree of unequalled fine detail using luxury materials, Premium TPE sex dolls are currently very popular amongst those who love real dolls. In particular, 6YE DOLL Premium love dolls have a last generation metal skeleton with very simple handling and increased resistance. Their TPE Premium skin reproduces real female epidermis down to the tips of their nipples.

What distinguishes the 6YE DOLL Premium brand from their competitors is without doubt the level of fine detail brought to molding the sexual orifices (vagina, anus). Their appearance is quite simply a perfect reproduction of reality. And your sensations of pleasure can only be multiplied.

6YE DOLL Premium

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Showing 1 - 30 of 180 items

The latest innovations at 6YEDoll

TPE Premium no-oil

Always a forerunner of other brands of TPE dolls, 6YE now offer a no-oil TPE skin (dry non-greasy). Therefore you will no longer need to powder your 6YE Premium love doll with talc: the skin will look smooth, soft, silky and realistic in any circumstances. It will no longer release any oil perspiration or smells.
The great advantage of this TPE formula is the level of maintenance and longevity. While other brands’ TPE real dolls release oil, become less soft and less silky over time, 6YE sex dolls will keep their initial freshness and will have better resistance to tearing.
You will definitely be impressed by the degree of fine details of 6YE Premium sex dolls. Their vagina and sexual cavities are designed with the greatest care to offer the best sexual experience currently on the Premium real doll market.

An articulated ball-joint skeleton

While most brands of Premium TPE sex dolls use metal skeletons to enable their models limbs to move, 6YE sex dolls have a flexible skeleton able to bend the joints in 360° angles. Lightly built and easy to handle, 6YE premium models have a ball-joint skeleton guaranteeing simplified ergonomics and joints which will remain robust in the long term.

3 levels of tightness of the joints of the skeleton are possible. We offer the tightest setting in all of our models. However, if you wish to acquire a 6YE sex doll with less tight joints, no problem! Do not hesitate to tell us after your order and we will request this option from our manufacturer.

New silicone faces

2019 has seen the emergence of silicone faces in TPE real doll product collections. 6YEDoll has followed suit and also offers a male doll and two life size female dolls which can be used with all the 6YE Premium bodies. By purchasing a 6YE hybrid sex doll, you will benefit from the advantages of silicone and TPE at a very attractive price. 2020 will undoubtedly be the year when this new style of Premium sex dolls will flourish in our catalogue. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to our site so as not to miss any new 6YE Doll offers.

6YE Sex dolls and customization

At 6YE, as for most manufacturers of TPE Premium sex dolls, you will be able to customize your love doll from head to toe. With a wide range of choices of eye colors, skin tones and hairstyles, you will be able to give your model many personalities. The most passionate of our customers may also have their say in the choice of her manicure, pedicure and the color and size of her nipples or vaginal labia. A must for any TPE Premium real doll collector.