Sex dolls from the ORDOLL brand are the epitome of charm, refinement, esthetics and realism. TPE ORDOLL dolls come in different shapes for a 5ft 1(156cm) height and with a dozen different faces. The quality of the love doll models from ORDOLL no longer needs to be demonstrated: their real dolls are delivered every day all over the world to the great satisfaction of their numerous owners. Everything is crafted with care to offer all the characteristics of a real woman: a harmonious body, 3 hyper realistic sexual orifices, softness to touch and a fully articulated steel skeleton. With ORDOLL, many customizable options are offered to give you complete satisfaction: from eye, skin and hair color…down to the pedicure. Will you be able to resist their crazy charms? The ORDOLL real dolls which are on offer in our store are manufactured directly at the ORDOLL workshops (we are authorized to sell their brand). As with all the other brands, each doll goes through an individual physical quality control process when ordered. 100% discreet and fast delivery of our ORDOLL real dolls within 15 days.


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ORDoll: 100% authentic Jinsan sex dolls

Third unit of the company Jinsan Love Doll, ORDoll manufactures inexpensive TPS sex dolls. Founded in 2005, Jinsan became known for the first time as a manufacturer of glass fiber models. In 2010, the company changed direction and started making ultra-realistic TPE sex dolls.

As a pioneer on this market, ORDoll, and the two other units belonging to Jinsan (WMDoll, YLDoll), was one of the first ones to have imagined replacing silicone by TPE when manufacturing customizable sex dolls.

Their objectives were simple:

● Reduce costs by 2/3rds for a TPE sex doll compared to a silicone sex doll
● Offer superb dolls with an undeniable level of quality and realism
● Offer a range of faces replicating the fine details, beauty and charms of real men and women.

At our end, we regularly meet with the sex doll manufacturer ORDoll to improve our collaboration: we are identified as a recognized and appreciated supplier. On a daily basis we improve our quality checks for our orders and negotiate the best prices for our clients. We also take the opportunity during these different factory visits to find out more about next developments and new trends (in terms of technology and materials).

Jinsan Sex doll (and therefore the doll manufacturer ORDoll) is the undisputed leader on the adult doll market. This company produces thousands of models every month and has considerable resources available to improve their R & D work and improve their life size dolls: new prototypes, new materials, and new technology.  

Each doll from Ordoll is inspected by our team.

As for all of the manufacturers presented in our catalogue, a dedicated inspection team at the ORDoll workshops is in charge of checking each model after manufacturing. The aim is to offer our customers a doll which complies with their expectations. We will not ship a sex doll which is not in keeping with our expectations in terms of esthetics, sensations, cost and realism.