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$ 2580 - $ 2595

You requested them? Here they are! We are delighted to offer the full range of realistic, life-size dolls from the Game Lady brand. These highly customisable love dolls are individually moulded in Premium silicone with a level of detail and finish close to perfection. The manufacturer's strong points include:

  • a carefully made-up face moulded in Hard or Soft silicone
  • movable and controllable eyes
  • Jiggly Breast
  • EVO skeleton with articulated fingers and boltless Standing option
  • ultra-realistic body makeup All of these options are available for each design as standard.

You will be able to add other paying options such as implanted hair, facial moles, bikini tan and many others... Feel free to take a look at the manufacturer's photo galleries to see the full extent of their beauty and sensuality.


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