3 tips for doing a lingerie photo session with your premium sex doll

For many years now, many artists, like amateur and professional sculptors, paintors or photographers have been happily using premium silicone dolls. Fascinated by their beauty and realism, these artists no longer hesitate to use a real doll to express themselves and their artistic inspirations. If like them you are are tempted to enhance the beauty of your premium love doll with photography, this article should interest you. We thank Jonathan Bourrat specialized boudoir, lingerie and nude photographer for his expertize and precious advice.

Here are 3 tips for doing a lingerie photo session with your Premium real doll.

Tip n°1: What equipment should I choose?

Where smartphones, compact cameras and bridges show their limits due to their small lense but large number of pixels, hybrid cameras appear to be a good compromise (bigger lense and uncomplicated settings). For purists and those who enjoy settings, Reflex cameras can guarantee a beautiful photographic quality. They can be bought for $500 or more and you could start by using the stand-alone mode.

Tip n°2: What light source?

Above and beyond the equipment, as our photographer likes to put it: “For a photo to be a success, above all you need beautiful lighting”. If you have some equipment and a budget, you could acquire some flashes. Today for less than $150 you can buy a cobra flash, a light box to diffuse the light from the flash and a tripod to put them on. You can also find more complete kits from $300 with several more powerful flashes. To start out, a $400 or $500 kit would be more than sufficient. If you have a tighter budget, think of using natural lighting. For example, in a room with a large window you can obtain a very interesting result. The window will let the light in (you should however avoid too direct light which is harsher). You will just need to place your Premium silicone doll near it.

Tip 3: How to make your doll pose?

On this subject, your imagination will be your only limit. The photo session must be a true moment of pleasure, fun and sharing with your love doll. For the pleasure of your eyes, you can vary sexy outfits, costumes, types of lingerie but also colors. Many accessories like stockings, shoes, boots, and sunglasses… will bring that little touch of sexy glamor you’re looking for. By alternating nude and half-nude, by varying the poses, angles and shots, you may enhance all the feminine aspects of your silicone doll, at leisure. Because, you should know that there is no position of the human body that she is afraid of. Unlike a real model, she will not complain about spending long work hours posing for you in whatever scenario you wish. A true luxury which is greatly appreciated by professionals. Little editor’s note: Don’t forget to also offer your doll several wigs… Sometimes a change of hairstyle is sufficient to adjust the personality of your love doll.

Bonus tip 4: Build up your inspiration

If you are lacking inspiration, a simple and efficient remedy is to look at sexy photos in catalogues or on the internet. This source of inspiration is vast and there are many types of scenarios. The key word is pleasure and fun. Photography takes practice and sometimes errors, tests and progress. Do not hesitate to share your advice with us as well as your experience in photo sessions with your premium sex doll. This precious advice will complete this article and will help the community of budding photographers to better prepare their photo sessions with their TPE sex doll. Looking forward to reading your comments and we will be back soon for more advice.

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