Create Your Own WMDOLLS

WMDOLLS sex dolls are known around the world for their quality, realism and attention to detail. Today WMDOLLS offer you the possibility to customize the sex doll of your dreams from A-Z. A wide range of faces, shapes of bodies and customizable options will satisfy even the most demanding of us. Have fun selecting the seductive features of your TPE sex doll for fast delivery in a reinforced 100% discreet package to your doorstep.

Create Your Own WMDOLLS

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Showing 1 - 30 of 69 items

Presentation of the giant WM Doll

WM Doll is a pioneer company specialized in manufacturing high quality love dolls which are realistic, attractive, aesthetic and naughty. The majority of the WM Doll models are molded in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Some of them are hybrids with a silicone face (see the Fannie model). In both cases, you will be purchasing the very best in the TPE sex doll industry. The skin of WM love dolls has a feeling of suppleness and unequaled softness. The TPE formula offers up to 8 different shades of skin to create a replica of a Caucasian, mixed-race or black woman or man. The double ball joint skeleton adheres perfectly to the TPE and WM sex dolls are long-lasting and as flexible as you could want. Certainly the best value for money in the catalogue. Impossible to be disappointed with the quality and fine details from the giant WM Doll.

You will be able to handle your creature in any position with no bad surprises. Each WM Doll sex doll order comes with an anti-fake code which confirms the authenticity of the model. You will also find instructions covering all your questions about maintenance, use and handling of the skeleton.

Unique models suited to all your fantasies

WM has an extremely wide range of models. All of them can be found on this page. There are love doll models with various breast sizes: from A-Cup to O-Cup. Some bodies have special characteristics such as sexually penetrable nipples; this is the case for the 2.8ft (85cm) Sex Bust and the 5ft (155cm) L-Cup model in particular. Bodies are of all shapes, sizes and types. If you choose the removable insert vagina without lube, you can recreate vaginal moistness with just water or saliva. All these bodies are shown in the TPE Doll section>WMDoll brand. You will find elves, warriors, athletic women, BBW women, chubby and even downright fat women, manga and gothic creatures. WMDoll loves to surprise and satisfy all sexual fetishes. For a life-size TPE doll, the price rarely exceeds $2,500.

A highly customizable high quality sex doll

By consulting the product sheet of a WMDoll body, you can see the very wide range of customizable options. All these options are explained in our complete guide to WMDoll options. Each order can be customized according to your preferences in terms of style, personality and features. Your only limit will be your imagination. You can choose between 16 different hairstyles (either a normal wig or real human hair implanted in the head), 8 eye colors and several manicure and pedicure styles, or bikini wax shape. For absolute realism, we strongly recommend the use of options: realistic body makeup, Jiggly Breasts with Implant Gel and, of course, heating or groaning modules.

Quality certified by TDF

WMDoll models are very popular with beginners. The WMDoll will retain its original freshness and feminine curves for many years. We recommend that you read and apply our guides for use and maintenance for maximum durability. The WMDoll brand is in high demand on the American TDF forum (TheDollForum). Do not hesitate to question them if you have any remarks or requests for information about their models. The quality of their models is globally renowned.

Sculpted by artists, WMDoll sex dolls have an incredible level of detail and finesse. Finger nails, eyelashes and other small details are designed to be as realistic as possible. Before shipping, we ensure with our manufacturer that everything meets your expectations and that no imperfections will spoil the celebration. So why hesitate? Undoubtedly a safe bet.