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The silicone TPE dolls proposed by the Silicone-Sexy-Doll store are dolls for prestigious adults. Made by hand and molded in high quality silicone TPE, our human-size love dolls are true replicas of women with particular focus on the sensations that they give, the softness of their skin and their generous shapes. Our silicone sex doll will multiply their lascivious and very sexy poses in all circumstances thanks to their metal framework (skeleton). Let your imagination speak and customize your sex doll to suit your desires. Free your inspiration and your sexual fantasies

TPE Love Dolls

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Showing 1 - 30 of 2005 items

A trend from Japan

For more than 20 years, hyper-realistic silicone dolls have been particularly popular in the hearts of Japanese men. In a culture where professional careers are an absolute priority, some Japanese men do not hesitate to sacrifice their love life totally. Others make a radical choice to give up on meeting new women or sentimental relationships. Fear of separation, failure, betrayal, infidelity or abandonment pushes many Japanese men into renouncing to any sentimental relationships. Romance has therefore become mainly virtual. In 2019, many video games enable Japanese men and women to flirt with a young virtual woman or man. In this particular context you will understand why the first silicone adult dolls were created in Japan. These life size dolls are considered as real substitute partners. The success of this phenomenon is such that a TV series depicting the adventures of a life size silicone doll is an incredible success there. Indeed, the love doll industry devotes several millions of their budget to researching for technology able to automate and give artificial intelligence, and therefore a real personality, to their love dolls.  

Silicone love dolls are now being exported to the USA.

Here, you will not find any old-fashioned inflatable dolls made in latex or plastic. You will find Japanese dolls molded in silicone or TPE. These two materials enable the skin to be supple, textured, and soft and to feel like human skin. Each model has an articulated metal skeleton so that you can take advantage of your life size doll in a standing, sitting or lying position. Each real doll in silicone is made by the unit according to your specifications in terms of female or male charms. You will be able to choose the size, skin type, expression, hairstyle and many other seductive features to make your model a unique real doll. In our store and showroom, you will find the best current brands (DSDoll, WMDoll, YLDoll, 6YEDoll...). We will accompany you before and after your order to make your purchasing experience a top class service. These luxury silicone sex dolls are selected for their quality, their materials, realism and esthetics.

We are the certified dealer for each of the referenced brands. We are also part of the very close circle of authorized dealers on the American forum DollForum US. All the models sold are authentic and are nothing like the cheap silicone or inflatable dolls sold on Amazon. We keep ourselves continually up to date about the latest items offered by our ultra-realistic doll manufacturers. We hope to be able to offer the first sexbots in coming years. We will keep you informed as soon as the first prototypes of AI dolls are on sale.

Since 2015, we are delighted to have been contributing to the success of silicone dolls in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Should you need any advice, an opinion or some assistance, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to respond to your requests.

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TPE is revolutionizing the love doll industry

In the 2010s the love doll industry took a turning point when the first TPE sex dolls appeared on the market. TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is a blend derived from silicone which has the advantage of being less expensive than traditional silicone. Beyond the financial aspect, TPE also has the following advantages:

 - Supple, soft and elastic like human skin;
- Odorless;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Can be recycled;
- Can be lubricated with a water-based lube.

Each manufacturer has its own TPE formula. All life size sex dolls sold here are from trusted manufacturers. We recommend that you find out about the origins of your sex doll before considering the purchase. We offer a comparative guide that will tell you more about the TPE quality levels of each of our manufacturers. Both Wmdolls and YLDoll are pioneers in the TPE sex doll market. Their models are among the world's best-selling products.

TPE sex doll store in United-States

Launched in 2015, our website has the most complete TPE sex doll catalogue in USA. Every week we strive to update our collection so that our customers have the most up-to-date level of information and knowledge possible in an ever-changing market. Today for less than $2000, you can buy an affordable sex doll which meets your expectations in terms of aesthetics, realism and quality. The lifespan of a realistic TPE sex doll will depend on how you care for the model during its existence. By caring for your TPE love doll like a real woman, by dressing it, styling it, cleaning it regularly ... you will ensure that your romance will last for many years. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary. We will be happy to give you the best information about our life size sex dolls.