Which type of lube should I use for my Silicone Doll?

Other than natural anatomic lubes (like saliva and vaginal secretions for example), there are several types of artificial lubes on the market. Amongst these artificial lubes there are lubes with a silicone base, with a water base or with an oil base. Originally designed for use on human skin, these lubes cannot all be used on your silicone doll. So which type of lubes should you choose for your silicone doll? Is there a risk of damage to your real doll’s skin ?

Can I use a natural lube with my love doll?

You can of course use secretions from your own body (saliva) to lubricate the body surface of your silicone (or TPE) love doll. The only possible disadvantage: the limited amount and the nasty smell that it may give off.

What about a water-based lube for my real doll?

Far the best solution to lubricate your silicone real doll. Among many advantages are its efficiency and easy cleaning. Clean and hypoallergenic, water-based lubes have a non-sticky non-greasy texture which is perfectly adapted for use on your love doll’s silicone or TPE. Water-based lubes will also protect you from stains. The only drawback is their inefficiency in use in water (in the shower or in a bath).

A silicone-based lube for my real doll?

This type of lube is absolutely FORBIDDEN for use with your silicone real doll (and TPE). Well-known for its great performance, silicone-based lubes would irreversibly deteriorate the body surface of your love doll (which is molded in silicone). The sexual orifices could be unusable in the long term because of damages caused by a mixture of silicone lube on the silicone skin of your real doll.

An oil-based lube for your silicone doll?

Here again, this solution should not be used. In addition to becoming too slippery on the surface of your sex doll, oil-based lubes are difficult to clean… It would be a shame to stain your love doll’s beautiful skin!

To sum up, the only credible alternative: water-based lubes!  Lubrication products from your body being perhaps inefficient and insufficient, water-based lubes are the ideal solution for safe use on the skin of your silicone doll.

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