Customize a TPE love doll

Treat yourself to the silicon TPE sex doll of your dreams. You have fallen for the superb face of one of our love dolls. Good news! You may now have her made to measure to suit your sexual fantasies. Several body shapes or morphologies to be chosen from: 1m40, 1m58, 1m65... to satisfy all of your desires. Then choose her head, her body, her measurements, her eyes, her torso… In this way each silicone/TPE doll becomes a unique character, entirely customized to your demands

Customize a TPE love doll

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Showing 1 - 30 of 365 items

Design the erotic doll of your fantasies in just a few clicks

Have you identified a particular body shape? The type of material you want? Have you targeted a brand? Do you want to have control over absolutely all of your love doll’s features? This custom-made sex doll section is for you.

Here we offer the possibility to design your Love Doll from the desired body style. Absolutely all possible and imaginable figures are available. From the slim figure to the most unusual ones. We currently list more than 300 ultra-realistic love doll bodies. The most prestigious brands of the moment are listed: Wmdolls, Yldoll, DSDoll, SinoDoll and many others.

Making a Premium TPE or silicone Doll that looks like a girlfriend, wife or your ultimate fantasy is not a problem as we have a complete and very varied selection. Many clients located in United-States, Australia, Japan or Europe and even doll owners from Canada have been convinced by the experience. So why not you? You will have total freedom regarding the customization of your model: from her head down to the most intimate anatomy of your TPE Love Doll.

The features of the face, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, makeup, freckles, tattoos, manicure, pedicure ... absolutely everything will be customizable according to your requirements. To discover this range of love doll bodies by size, you can visit the following pages.

Give life to your future other half

We are very happy to accompany you in your quest for the ideal female (or male for that matter). If you have any questions about a brand, the lifespan of a sex doll, the advantages and disadvantages of silicone compared to TPE, or the differences between the configuration options from all manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to help future TPE Love Doll owners.

If you need to narrow down this exhaustive list by sorting by cup size, good news! Here you will find the ultimate selection of real doll bodies sorted by chest size:

By breast : A-CUP Sex doll | B-CUP Sex doll | C-CUP Sex doll | D-CUP Sex doll | DD-CUP Sex doll | F-CUP Sex doll | G-CUP Sex doll | H-CUP Sex doll | K-CUP Sex doll | M-CUP Sex doll | O-CUP Sex doll

If you have specific wishes and expectations, you may send us photos. Some customers, for example, wish to have specific bikini waxes. Some like hairy sex dolls. We can then study the feasibility of your wishes. We will do our best to meet each of your requirements.

Let your imagination run wild and we will create the TPE Love Doll of your dreams that will meet your desires and needs.

The purchasing process

An order on requires some thought and time. We advise our clients to avoid compulsive shopping and to think carefully about their goals and needs. If you want to use your doll as a female photo model or if you want to use it for purely sexual purposes on a daily basis or occasionally, the requirements in terms of quality and material will not be the same. Do not hesitate to read our different comparative guides to avoid mistakes. If you need to have confirmation or be reassured about your choice, we are here to support you.

You can sort real doll bodies by price by browsing the following pages:

By price : Less than $1500 | Between $1500 - $1749 | Between $1750 - $1999 | Between $2000 - $2250 | Between $2251 - $2500 | More than $2500

The different phases from ordering to delivery

  • • Target the desired body shape (by manufacturer, by cup size, by price)
  • • Select the face and your favorite options
  • • Add your customized molded doll to your basket.
  • • Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your personal information (postal address, telephone number, etc.). This data is protected and will remain 100% confidential.
  • • Proceed to payment by check, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Payment by check or bank transfer will extend the time it will take to make your model. Manufacturing will start once the payment has been received.
  • • As soon as your order is prepared, you will receive an email. A period of 20 to 25 days is necessary for the manufacturing of your model. This process is carried out individually according to your configuration options.
  • • Once the doll is molded, made up and finalized, we can begin the quality control and check compliance with your order. We only ship sex dolls of which we are proud of the result.
  • • Once we have given the green light for shipping, an email will be sent to you with a tracking number. You will then have a provisional delivery date which can be changed by contacting the carrier (FedEx, UPS).

Your TPE Love Doll will be delivered!

Once we receive your payment, the time required until delivery will be approximately 30 days. This timescale is an average duration which may be slightly different depending on the brand and the configuration options chosen. Hair implanted in the skull, for example, lengthens this period by 10 days. Below each customization option, we inform you if additional time is necessary for manufacturing.

Make your dream come true and buy your silicone doll today!

A few maintenance tips:
• For optimal hygiene, we recommend that you use an interchangeable vagina and purchase our cleaning and maintenance products (see our accessories section).
• For even crazier erotic games, we recommend the purchase of several wigs or pairs of eyes. It is the cheapest and safest way to change the look and the personality of your TPE love doll.