Handling and instruction guide for silicone/TPE adult dolls.

First use, when you receive the package

All silicone dolls sold on Silicone-sexy-doll.com are delivered in a discrete reinforced package. When you receive the package we recommend that you remove your real doll from the box. To do so, all you have to do is stand the box up vertically so as to remove your doll by taking it in your arms (crouching with one hand on the back and the other on the legs).
Be careful not to leave your doll in the delivery box for too long and even less in a vertical position (don’t forget that, depending on the position of the box, all the weight of your silicone/TPE doll may be pressing on its head).
Make a small space for transporting your silicone/TPE doll and do not underestimate its weight.

Transporting your silicone/TPE doll easily.

To avoid too many hassles and back problems, we recommend that you carry your doll like a bride with its arms bent. It is NOT recommended to carry your silicone/TPE doll by putting it under your armpits, as this could easily cause the silicone to tear.
Precautions for use are somewhat obvious but should be kept in mind: when carrying your doll, you should, of course, avoid obstacles on your way (corners of furniture, doors…) and pay particular attention to the doll’s fragile extremities (fingers, toes…).

Dressing your silicone/TPE doll easily.

Care and delicate gestures are necessary when it comes to dressing and undressing your doll. Take care to handle these little intimate moments calmly. Do not hurry or this may result in tearing everything.

Handling your silicone/TPE doll easily.

Your luxury silicone/TPE doll is equipped with an internal metal skeleton which enables it to envisage all sorts of positions in any circumstances. You may choose to move its arm, its legs…whatever you feel like. Obviously your doll cannot perform unlimited contortions: the skeleton is not elastic and so you must take into account an acceptable angle for handling the arms, for example. Your silicone doll must be handled with common sense. Silicone-sexy-doll.com will not be held responsible for handling which does not comply with the rules of common sense.

As an example, handling of the elbow must be done with one hand on the forearm of your doll and the other on the elbow. You must move it gently and in the same way for handling any other joint.

These technical handling recommendations are a guarantee of longevity. If you want to avoid handling problems, you should have a positive attitude and especially never lose your temper. We advise you to get to know your model progressively.

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