How are the luxury TPE silicone dolls made?

A realistic body molded on high-quality TPE silicone

The dolls in our store are love dolls which are entirely molded and therefore covered in TPE silicone. This luxury material contributes to creating an ultra-realistic replica of a female body with a dream figure: the material is soft and feels almost human. Everything is crafted minutely with talent down to the finest detail (figure, areolas of the nipples, curves, fine facial features…)

Close up and at a distance the result is true to life. You will be surprised by the presence and charm that our silicone dolls display whatever sexy pose they take. It is impossible to remain indifferent at first sight, the silicone looks unbelievably like an irresistible woman with a disarming figure and physique.

A flexible articulated metal skeleton

All the TPE silicone dolls sold on have a flexible articulated metal skeleton. The entire body is flexible: the body becomes pliable for a great range of sexy poses and postures. You may therefore, at leisure, bring life to your dolls in good-little-girl or naughtier age ranges, lying down, sitting, kneeling, etc.… You should be aware of an important detail: our silicone dolls have a flexible mouth and jaw for even more realistic pleasures.
But the whole doll still remains light (less than 66lbs (30kg)) to facilitate handling and transport.

A robust and easily-maintained doll

The TPE used to manufacture real dolls sold at the store is of the highest quality. Its main feature is its resistance to impact and tearing. It is however recommended that you should handle your doll delicately to avoid any unpleasantness. Shock and tear resistance also applies to the sensitive intimate areas (mouth, vagina…).
If you are wondering about how to maintain your silicone TPE doll, do not hesitate to consult our small practical guide on this topic.

If you have any further questions about manufacturing of the silicone dolls or their characteristics, do not hesitate to contact customer service who will be delighted to answer your questions as soon as they can.

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